My Mouse: Saving the Day One Click at a Time

Ever since it was first introduced back in the ’60s, the computer mouse has gone through a serious maturation in design, while its basic utility has remained the same. Whether wireless or wired, the mouse has been our right-hand man for all of our personal computing needs.

With excellent ergonomics, touch sensitivity and materials that are built to last, these are just a few reasons we’re mad for the mouse.

mouse smallerVersatility 

Each person has his or her own optimal workplace scenario, from stand-up desks at the office to shared spaces or local coffee shops, and a wireless mouse has the versatility to adapt to any environment. The philosophy behind Logitech’s Ultrathin Touch Mouse is “one mouse, multiple devices.”  Using Bluetooth® wireless technology, you can seamlessly toggle between multiple machines and go from your laptop to desktop with the flip of a switch. Designed for either Apple or Windows, the T631 or T630 work on any computer, regardless of operating system. It makes it easy to go from the office desktop to the home laptop without having to reconfigure your Bluetooth® settings.


It’s a touch-centric world; we’re just living in it. With the advent of Windows 8, more and more people are taking advantage of touch-enabled features and gesture-navigation. Touch-enabled mice are essential for tapping the full potential of modern machines, and will only become more important as operating systems evolve. Instead of using separate buttons dedicated to specific tasks, the entire surface of the Ultrathin Mouse acts as a button and relies only on your fingertips to operate. The 1000-dpi optical sensor responds to even the slightest movements, and the touch surface registers nine different touch gestures. And lefties, rejoice: you can download software to program the mouse to adjust to your needs, as well.

Creative License

Creative professionals rely upon their mouse just as much as artists rely upon their paintbrushes. Art is all in the details, and most creative work requires precise positioning that clunky trackpads can’t provide. From Photoshop retouching to video editing and music production, most of these programs require patience, a steady hand and the quick, precise movement of a mouse. It’s also ergonomically pleasing for those who spend hours—and sometimes days—working on creative projects.

mouse connected to laptop


The purpose of any computer peripheral is to speed up your workflow and make navigation seem second nature.  The Ultrathin Mouse takes customization to the next level by simplifying the touch experience with natural, intuitive gestures. Once the included software is installed, you can customize your mouse to suit any type of computer and OS. As with any wireless mouse, the key advantage is its portability. This slim, touch-enabled mouse is great for travel, and at just over 3 inches long and 2 inches wide, it certainly lives up to its name. Stay charged on the road with a quick-powered USB charger and work whenever, wherever with this perfect hybrid of trackpad and mouse.

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