League of Legends Update – How Did Our Teams Fare?

While the rest of the world has been freaking out over “football,” we’ve been keeping close tabs on another kind of tournament: The League of Legends North American LCS gaming season. In case you missed it, here’s how the teams fared in our last recap.Coming off some inconsistent weeks in the beginning of June, both teams sponsored by Logitech G – Cloud9 and Team SoloMid – hope to gain some traction here at the end of the month. Let’s see how our guys performed.

Thursday June 19th

Curse vs Cloud9

With an 83.1percent crowd approval rating, Cloud9 was clearly the favorite heading into the match. Sneaky had an awesome performance, having more champion kills than the entirety of Curse, going 7-0-5. By playing aggressively and keeping Curse at bay, Cloud9 was able to gain momentum with another win.

Team SoloMid vs. Team Dignitas

In their second matchup of the month, SoloMid continued to have a tough time against the Summer Split dominant Dignitas. Dignitas gained early control of this game and was able to hold on to it for the entirety of the match.

Friday June 20th

Team SoloMid vs. Evil Geniuses

WildTurtle had an astonishing game for SoloMid, going 7-0-5 and collecting over 16K gold. With his awesome performance, SoloMid was able to limit the Evil Geniuses to only 5 champion kills, severely limiting their experience, gold, and field control. By showing superior strength in every category, Team SoloMid was able to reverse their streak of bad luck and take a definitive win.

Cloud9 vs. LMQ

Cloud9 struggled to get their offense going in this match, eventually giving way to LMQ’s strong teamwork and relentless approach. Their lack of power in the early game prevented them from gaining any traction, and LMQ simply had too much vision of the field. The lack of power caused Cloud9 to lose to LMQ and holding them steady in the LCS rankings

Saturday June 28th

Team SoloMid vs. Counter Logic Gaming

SoloMid was able to win against Counter Logic Gaming with yet another astonishing match by WildTurtle. Killing 9 champions this match, he was able to help SoloMid gain control of the field and prevent Counter Logic Gaming from getting any kind of offense going.

Complexity vs. Cloud9

Even with the crowd vote in their favor, Cloud9 wasn’t able to fend off Complexity. Complexity’s game came together in an unexpectedly strong way, and they were able to take a win against Cloud9. Hai was unable to get any champion kills, preventing their team from gaining any kind of offensive advantage from midlane rotations.

Sunday June 29th

Cloud9 vs. Evil Geniuses

Cloud9 was able to gain an early advantage in this match, limiting the Evil Geniuses to only 8 champion kills by the end of the game. By maintaining a clear KDA advantage, Cloud9 was able to win this close match with a bit of luck and some solid playing across all members of the team. Sneaky led the team’s performance, going 5-3-5.

LMQ vs. Team SoloMid

Even with another awesome performance by WildTurtle, going 6-5-8, SoloMid was unable to gain the upper hand. It was a relatively close match, with SoloMid trading blow for blow, but LMQ played a more solid game. LMQ took the victory in the end, offsetting this weekend’s earlier SoloMid win.

Final Standings

June turned out to be an inconsistent month for both of our teams. After the strong start both teams had in May, neither team was able to build a significant winning streak throughout June. Still, both teams ended up near the top of the rankings. Cloud 9 finished 8-6, and SoloMid finished 8-6 as well.

Both of the teams seem to be off to a solid start, but how will they perform in July? Check back in a few weeks to catch up with the teams and see how they’ve done.