League of Legends: Logitech Gaming Recap

It was a busy May for our teams in the League of Legends North America LCS season. For those not familiar, League of Legends is an online multiplayer game in which teams of five face-off against each other to destroy each other’s Nexus, or which is the team’s “home base”. By taking control of unique heroes – each with their owns unique abilities – players must push forward across the map to achieve total victory.

Logitech’s two sponsored teams, Team SoloMid and Cloud9 HyperX, had quite a first few weeks of the season. Here is the lowdown on each team’s performance in May.

Friday May 23rd

Cloud9 vs. Team SoloMid

Our two teams started off this season with a showdown against each other. Cloud9 emerged as the victor, dominating in just about every statistic across the board. With an astonishing 9 to 1 Kill/Death/Assist (KDA) ratio, Cloud9 was able to stay alive longer, and supress TSM’s ability to generate gold and experience, so they were able to win handily.

Saturday May 24th

Team SoloMid vs. Curse

Coming off their season-opening loss against Cloud9, SoloMid came back strong and defeated Curse. With the community backing them with an 85% rooting for their victory, SoloMid evened out their record. Dyrus lead the charge with 9 champion kills, while the rest of his team achieved 19 more – bringing them to 25 total champion kills that was well above the league average.

Team SoloMid vs. Complexity

Riding their success and the crowd favor from their first match of the day, SoloMid entered this match with an astonishing 91% community vote. Bjergsen had an amazing match, going 10-0, while killing 311 minions. SoloMid gained control of this match, absolutely trouncing the competition, ending their Saturday with two straight wins.

Dignitas vs. Cloud9

Even with an 81% backing from the community, Cloud9 wasn’t able to pull a victory out of this match. With a paltry 1-1 KDA, Cloud9 was unable to keep their champions alive, paving an easy victory route for their competition. With only 2 champion kills for the entire team, Cloud9 wasn’t able to muster up a win for this match.

Sunday May 25th

Cloud9 vs. Complexity

Even though SoloMid was able to easily defeat Complexity, Cloud9 couldn’t get things going for the second match in a row. Cloud9 was able to beat Complexity in gold per minute, total gold and minions killed, Complexity was able to take out Cloud9’s champions more often, depriving C9 of gold and giving CoL the victory.

Evil Geniuses vs. Team SoloMid

Team SoloMid kept their winning streak going by beating the Evil Geniuses. Even though WildTurtle had a rough match, going only 2-5, Bjergsen’s 5-1 run and 462 minion kills were enough to boost the team to yet another victory. By winning across the board in all 5 tracked statistics – kill death ratio, total gold, gold per minute, minion kills and champion kills – SoloMid was able to stay in control and easily win this match.

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9

Coming off of two straight losses, Cloud9 needed a win to get their season back on the right track. Lucky for them, Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) could not put up a good enough fight. With three of their five players getting one kill or less, CLG couldn’t do enough damage to knock Cloud9’s champions down, allowing Cloud9 to stay in control and even their record with this win. Sneaky’s performance was great, going 6-1 for the match, while doing some serious farming.

Saturday May 31st

 Counter Logic Gaming vs. SoloMid

Team SoloMid came in to this game hot off a three game winning streak, and the crowd seemed to be on their side with a 64% rating. Unfortunately, their streak would end today. With only three total champion kills and a less than one kill death ratio, SoloMid couldn’t get any kind of offense going, leading to their demise. Even their best performing player of the day, Dyrus, could only manage a 2-2-kill death ratio.

Cloud9 vs. Curse

Cloud9 entered the match as the overwhelming favorites, and from the get go, were able to control this match. With a 9 KDA ratio against their opponents, Cloud9 was able to control the map and keep Curse on their back foot. With Meteos, Hai, and Sneaky all outperforming Voyboy (Curse’s best performing player of the game) the match quickly turned to Cloud9’s favor – helping them end the month of May with a positive record.

May Rankings

LofL guys profiles

Overall, it was a good start for both teams. Team Solomid lost their first match, but managed to put together a three game winning streak, helping them end the month of may with a 3-2 record. On the other hand, Cloud9 started out strong. Although they dipped a bit in the middle, they eventually found their groove and also ended the month at 3-2 record.

How is next month going to play out? Be sure to check back at the beginning of July to read the next installment and see how the teams are doing.