Logitech Introduces Bemo and the Creative Collective

Today, we’re excited to introduce Bemo, a social video camera that lets you turn your adventures and every day moments into movies, and share them on the go. Bemo fits in the palm of your hand and captures high quality videos with just one touch.

Starting today, Bemo will be available for sale at the popular Los Angeles retail destination RONROBINSON | Fred Segal Melrose, in three colors for $129.99.

In celebration, Logitech is also unveiling the Creative Collective, a group of creative thinkers, leaders and innovators who are redefining the meaning of creativity and who will capture and share their personal and candid moments as they use Bemo this summer. Members of the Creative Collective so far include lauded chef Erik Bruner-Yang at Toki Underground, Warped Tour’s undeniable breakout band Echosmith, co-founders of the fashion-forward lifestyle brand Love + Made and famed music producer/recording artist/songwriter Roshon.

To find out more about Bemo and the Creative Collective, please visit us at mybemo.com. And in the comments below, let us know how you plan to use Bemo this summer.