Pervasive Video in the New Office


As the adoption of Unified Communications (UC) continues to grow, Logitech recognizes that every business is in its own unique stage of deployment, particularly in video conferencing. In The New Office, Logitech is helping to fundamentally change the way people engage with work through a new generation of ingeniously designed peripherals for business.

Gartner recently published an enterprise video report, Market Clock for Enterprise Video, which offers useful insights into the technologies supporting UC-based video collaboration in today’s evolving office. Our portfolio of video conferencing solutions, for example, facilitates and supports the anywhere workplace where work happens any time from any location. Within this context, we invite you to examine Gartner’s latest research and the key drivers and market trends that we believe are having an out-sized business impact in the UC video space, including:

  • The rise of cloud-based applications a contributor to increased UC infrastructure flexibility
  • The proliferation of mixed endpoints generating greater user acceptance and adoption
  • Substantial improvements in video quality leading to a better user experience
  • The democratization of enterprise video as a catalyst to personalize every workspace

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