How Do You Watch TV? Find the Right Keyboard for Your Living Room

What’s your TV watching preference? Laying back and vegging out on endless Netflix and Amazon Prime series or controlling a world of games, shows, and streaming media on your PC from the comfort of your couch? Finding the right tool for your ideal living room experience can be hard (like waiting for the next True Detective season), but thankfully we’ve got two new keyboards to make your living room one big entertainment zone.

Which one is more for you?


Both keyboards give you the freedom to sink deep into your couch cocoon, but if you’re looking for that late-night entertainment that connects directly to your TV from your PC, has illuminated keys for nighttime navigation, the Logitech Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830 is the tool for you.

Or, if you’re the type that has a special device for everything – Xbox for gaming, Roku for streaming, an AV Tuner for sound and so on – then you’ll want to get the Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard ASAP. It’s the one-stop-shop for living room connectivity.

So, with your living room personality divided into two, which one are you? Share in the comments.