Commercials from Around the Globe

The best advertising seeks to entertain us, not disrupt us. While brands constantly battle for our short attention spans, some have managed to get their message across in a brief but memorable way. Here are some 2014 ads from around the world that are making us laugh and cry.

The Reader – Bell’s Whiskey

This ad from South Africa proves that not all alcohol ads need to have sexy women and wild parties. Not to give too much away, but the ad involves an old man who sets an ambitious goal later in life and celebrates his triumph with a well-earned glass of whiskey.

Match Made in Heaven – Burger King

While Americans are busy being “satis-fried,” the good people of New Zealand like their ads with a bit more edge and dark humor. It only takes 15 seconds for the joke to land and to have us craving the new Peppercorn Beef Burger from Burger King. Sure, the ad plays off a common stereotype, but the dead-on comedic timing saves it.


 Camera Shy – Dove

Dove has been leading the pack with their inspiring ad campaigns that reassess the true nature of beauty. This ad from the U.K. explores the fraught relationship many women develop with the camera and encourages them to believe in their own beauty.

Remember to Sort Your Waste – Sortere.No

Government ads usually have to play it safe, but this commercial from Norway proves that even PSAs can be silly. It is by far the most entertaining commercial we’ve ever seen for recycling. No wonder Norway is so clean!

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 2.05.56 PM

Pick them Back Up – Procter & Gamble  

The Olympics are the perfect vehicle to tell an inspirational story through advertising, and this TV spot from Procter & Gamble succeeded. Before Olympians were world-class athletes, they were little kids stumbling on the ice and snow, and relying on mom to pick them back up. The U.S. ad is touching and stresses the importance of failure before success.

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What are some of your all-time favorite commercials? Share in the comments.