Logitech Introduces New Harmony Keyboard to Simplify Streaming in Your Living Room

Today, we’re excited to unveil the Logitech Harmony® Smart Keyboard, which delivers the power of Harmony universal remotes in a keyboard and touchpad specially designed for the living room.

More and more people are streaming content in the living room whether from their computer, streaming-media device, such as Apple TV or Roku or game console, such as Xbox One and Sony PS3. These devices seem to deliver limitless entertainment options, however their accompanying remotes struggle to keep up with the text entry needed to search for selections.

Enter the Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard. It makes searching for programs fast, and its integrated touchpad simplifies navigating menus, and surfing the Web.

The keyboard integrates buttons, such as “Guide,” “Pause,” “Play,” and Channel up or Down, as well as game console navigation buttons. It also comes with the Harmony Hub, which turns signals from the keyboard or your smartphone – via the Harmony App – into commands your entertainment devices understand. It is compatible with more than 225,000 home-entertainment devices and more than 5,000 brands. That means that with the Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard, there’s no need for additional remotes.

The keyboard and smartphone app also work without pointing, so you don’t have to worry about cabinet doors getting in the way of your signal.

Check out the video below for a closer look.

For a live demo, and to ask Harmony team members questions about the new product, attend our Google Hangout On Air today at 1 p.m. PT.


  • The layout, looks and feel of the K700 keyboard would have been better than this clumsy K400 style clone. The K700 is ergonomic and main keys are right at your finger tip. Hope to see a K700 version of this.

  • Looks great. I’ve just got the Logitech wireless keyboard at the moment with my setup, but having it all automated with this is going to be fantastic. Well done. I hope it comes to New Zealand soon

  • Awesome. I just recently bought the Harmony Ultimate so don’t need another smart hub. Will you be able to buy the keyboard separately? Also when will it be available in New Zealand?

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