Naughty or Nice? Rank Your Friends for the Chance to Win a Discount

Are you Naughty or Nice? Don’t know? Ask your friends for a chance to get 25% off! From December 4 to December 18, we’ve got your digital holiday checklist made easy with our new holiday app – just head to our Logitech Facebook page and click either the Naughty Elf or the Nice Elf for each one of your festive friends.

Keep track of how you have behaved this year with the Naughty-Nice-O-Meter – after just six 6 from friends, you’ll be entered into the 25% discount for

Don’t be afraid of getting a lump of coal for the holidays! Invite your friends to rank you for a chance to win. And may the Nice (or Naughty!) elf be with you…