Style Without Compromise: Five Tips to Downsize Your Handbag


Over the last few years, the trend for smaller handbags has swept across the globe. While the latest clutch bags and smaller handbags are a real fashion winner, but they can prove to be an inconvenience when trying to fit your life into them on a daily basis.

Research from Logitech has found that over half of women* (61 percent) admit to carrying more items than they really need in their handbags. In fact, nearly 19 percent have broken or damaged a handbag by trying to fit too much into them.

When combined with the trend for smaller bags, it’s clear that fitting everything, including technology, into our bags is a challenge. Almost 9 in 10 women say that their phone is the most important item in their bags, and over a third now carry a tablet as well. Then there are laptops, e- readers, portable music players, headphones and more – all vying for precious bag space.

To help women keep on top of their handbag, Logitech has teamed up with fashion expert and author of Kate Moss: Style, Angela Buttolph, to provide top tips for keeping your bag in check and in style.

Here are Angela’s top tips for keeping your handbag organized and looking its best:

1)  Prioritize a space for your smartphone

Always make sure you buy a bag with a high interior pocket or dedicated space for your mobile. It’s the one item you really need to find in a hurry.

2)  Cord wraps

Stray cords from headphones and chargers are a common clutter culprit. A cord wrap seems fussy, but taking those extra seconds to neatly wind away your earphone cable or your charger cord saves valuable time untangling them from the contents of your bag later.

3)  Downsize

There are travel-sized versions of everything from stationery to beauty products so there’s no need to carry full-sized anything anymore. This will greatly reduce the bulk and weight of your bag’s contents.

The same principle applies to the technology you carry. A tablet coupled with a keyboard, such as the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio, will save you carrying a laptop, and can even double as an e-reader to save you from carrying bulky books. Even tablets themselves can be downsized – for example the iPad mini or the Galaxy Tab III 7-inch can fit into bags that the full-size version can’t. Accessories such as the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad mini can still provide a comfortable typing experience for maximum productivity on the go but is still ultra-thin and light so you aren’t adding bulk to your bag.

4)  Dress and protect your tech

It’s always best to invest in a protective case for you tablet device to make sure it’s always looking its best. The Logitech Folio Protective Case for iPad mini is a great solution as it not only protects your iPad, but is thin and light so you aren’t adding bulk to your bag. Plus, the case comes in a variety of colors to match your bag’s style and your personal taste.

5)  Don’t worry, be ‘appy

Smartphone and tablet apps, such as banking applications or online tools like WeTransfer and DropBox, allow us to streamline our bags even more, so you don’t need to carry extra bulk such as work documents, diaries or card readers with you anymore.

Angela knows how important it is to keep the essentials on you at all times, while also having a bag with style, “I can’t bear to see a gorgeous bag crammed with clutter. If you’ve spent money on a bag you love – and equally its great contents – it’s a crime not to keep it neat and chic, inside and out. With technology allowing us to streamline the contents of our bags, we should be able to stay stylish while still having our essential items on us at all times.”

As Angela’s tips demonstrate, using technology smartly can actually help to streamline the contents of our often cluttered bags. Technology doesn’t have to mean carrying more. Today’s devices can replace several products, so you can still fit the essentials into your bag without compromising on style.

*Research undertaken by Censuswide between August 30th and September 4th. Research polled 1,076 women from the UK.