Logitech G and League of Legends World Championships Experience

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Winning the VIP League of Legends World Championships Experience from Logitech was a huge surprise to me. The sweepstakes rules asked that participants explain in 140 characters or less who their favorite LoL champion was and why. I said Maokai. I really do love Maokai as a champ, and I just wanted to make the person reading the contest entries laugh because I figured that after reading a couple thousand, a good chuckle might be welcome. Never did I expect that I would actually be chosen as a winner.

As the sweepstakes winner, I was given a free trip toLos Angeles, a tour of Riot Games, awesome seats to the LoL World Championships, a new Alienware rig and, of course, Logitech G gear.

The days leading up to the trip seemed so surreal to me. It didn’t fully register with me the extent of what I had won until me and my brother Danny landed in LA. We are both from Tucson, Ariz., which is one huge desert, so when we stepped out of the airport and an ocean breeze hit us, we both went wild. It was such a drastic change, and we were immediately in love.

We made our way to Riot Games immediately. Walking into the building we both closely resembled little kids walking into Toys ‘R’ Us for the first time I’m sure. Our favorite game in the world and we were at the birthplace. The lobby itself was beyond cool, and the riot employees are the definition of awesome. I’m sure if you look up awesome in the dictionary you will see a picture of Riot. And if not, they need to fix this. The whole tour was just one big mind explosion after another. (If anyone ever gets the chance to Intern / work there, TAKE IT. You will never find a better place to work.)

The next morning, we both woke up like kids on Christmas waiting to open presents. We had no idea what to do with ourselves until the final match later that night. (It’s sort of amazing how this whole trip somehow reverted us from adults back to 4 year olds so quickly.) The whole event far surpassed any of our wildest expectations. We had avoided looking at venue pictures on Facebook because we wanted everything to be a surprise when we got there. And a surprise it was. Everything was just so cool. All the people were so friendly, and the venue itself was astounding. We had the time of our lives there. A better experience, I have never had.

My brother and I were planning on sitting in an apartment, maybe with a couple friends, to watch the final match stream online that day. That is, until I won this contest and everything changed. Actually going to one of the League events had just been a dream for us. Touring Riot studios wasn’t even a dream, it seemed near impossible for us, so we never even imagined if we could.  This was single-handedly the coolest experience of my life so far, and same with my brother, and I want to give the biggest thank you to everyone from Riot, Logitech and anyone else that made this trip possible.


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  • I’m Danny, and I approve this recollection of events and bolster the gratitude sentiments with my own. Words can’t explain how amazing a trip it was, but Michaels words come about as close as you could get.

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