Right Speaker for the Right Moment

Do you hear that? If you listen closely you can hear the sound of satisfaction, with the world digging into the weekend, kicking back, relaxing and enjoying a few days of fun (or in your case, dear blog reader, an Internet excursion or two).

Here at Logitech we believe that music plays a huge part to a good weekend getaway, be it physical or mental. No matter if you play smooth jazz or heavy metal, music will set the mood and take you where you need to go. But what’s the right delivery mechanism to get those tunes from point A to point B? As they say in real estate, it all boils down to location, location, location. Here are three categories to consider, each one offering you plenty of sonic goodness to stretch the weekend vibes out in high fidelity.

The Party

If your weekend plans include a roof raising all-nighter, then UE BOOM is your perfect wingman. Made for easily connecting to your smartphone, tablets, or computers, this bad boy will get the party bouncing in no time. It’s a bold, confident move to walk into a place with your own speaker set up, but trust us, you’ll get heads turning and heads bobbing in no time with its 360-degree sound. And, for truly epic parties, you can wirelessly connect a second UE BOOM to double up the sound.


source: Ultimate Ears’ Facebook page

The Homestead

If your plans are a little closer to the staycation, you might want to consider the Logitech Bluetooth Speakers Z600, which perfectly complement the good looks of your Mac® or Ultrabook. They bring the noise like the UE BOOM but with a bit more sophistication, giving wireless freedom, a fabric finish and contemporary colors, all perfect for tuning in and zoning out in the comfort of your own home.


source: http://reviews.cnet.com/pc-speakers/logitech-bluetooth-speakers-z600/4505-3179_7-35823000.html

Everything In-between

Not sure where the day will lead you? We’ve still got you covered. Ultimate Ears MINI BOOM is ideal for all your impromptu sound system needs. It’s small but powerful, elegant yet modern, playful but serious about sound. You can bring one of these about anywhere you need to go, bringing a soundtrack with you in the process.


source: www.ultimateears.com