The Greatest PC Cheat Codes of All Time

Every good gamer knows that cheating, hacks, and bots are best reserved for people with gamertags like xxMountainDew360NoScope, but there used to be a simpler era of games in which, you know, cheats were kind of OK.  The codes were used those times in which you wanted to blow off some steam and completely stomp the game’s AI, cause some havoc, or maybe let your kid cousin experience Doom for the first time. These were the times to know that magic word that would make you a digital god and just have fun.

Looking back, here’s some of our favorite classic cheat codes for PC games:



SOURCE: Epic Dome

This code for the first Grand Theft Auto (released 16 years ago!) breaks the game by giving you all the available weapons in the game along with max ammo for each.



SOURCE: Gamespot

By inputting this code in the debug menu of the original Sims, your character will gain 1,000 Simoleons. Repeat ad nauseam to bypass the need to get a well-paying job and live like a tycoon. Just remember, virtual money won’t buy your Sims virtual happiness.



SOURCE: MobyGames

One of the cheapest and earliest cheats in gaming history, the IDDQD code enables God Mode on the first DOOM allowing you to play the game with no fear of dying and/or losing.

Operation CWAL

operation cwal

SOURCE: Strategy Informer

Operation CWAL is the cheat code for the seminal real-time strategy StarCraft enabling instant construction of buildings and facilities with-in the game. This code allows you to beat the enemy AI in record time and is unequivocally banned from competitive gaming matches.

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