Four Characters Who Should Have a Harmony Ultimate

With the Logitech Harmony Ultimate we become the best kind of control freak: a remote control freak, one with a universe of power in the palm of our hand, ready to navigate an endless array of entertainment options. This week we got to thinking which of our favorite control freak characters would most benefit from the Logitech Harmony Ultimate? After another marathon TV watching session (tough job), we landed on our picks.

How did we do? Let us know in the comments below and if you haven’t indulged in the control freak part of your personality yet, don’t hesitate to give the Logitech Harmony Ultimate a try. It’ll give you more control (of your entertainment anyway) than you’ve ever had before.



1) Jay Pritchett (Modern Family)

Jay spends a lot of time on the couch without much control of what’s happening around him. We think the Harmony Ultimate would turn his frown upside down, just a little bit. Jay, you’ve been upgraded.



2) Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory)

Dr. Sheldon Cooper needs to feel a sense of control in everything in his life. Does he go overboard? Yes. But we think we could get him to lighten up a bit from his favorite spot in the room with a Harmony Ultimate in his hand. We’re guessing he would master the Phillips Hue lighting system in a few seconds flat, not to mention a few other uses we might not have thought of yet.



3) The Doctor (Doctor Who)

Is it a sonic screwdriver? No. But it might be even better. We think it would be the good doctor’s new go-to solution, always available to extract him from a sticky situation (hint: it’s a hit with the companions).



4) Don Draper (Mad Men)

Don Draper spends his time creating brilliant ads, but he doesn’t seem to get much time to actually watch them. Imagine the ideas he could come up with if he put down the whiskey and picked up a Harmony Ultimate. Or, you know, just lightened up a bit.