Which Logitech G Mouse Are You?

As gamers, we come across very distinct characters – from the goofy and affable Claptrap to the way too serious Sam Fisher. But what about our gaming tools of the trade – what does your mouse say about your character?

Here are three personalities bound within three very powerful gaming devices – which one do you resonate with?

The Pro


Based on the best selling gaming mouse design of all time, the MX 518, the Logitech G400s Optical Gaming Mouse keeps the same comfortable shape, but gives you new features to keep the pressure on your competition. The G400s now includes our DeltaZero optical sensor technology for amazing tracking accuracy and primary buttons rated to an amazing 20 million clicks. This mouse lets you float like a butterfly and sting like a railgun.

The King


Sometimes, you just have to have it all. Wired or wireless (it does both!), the Logitech G700s Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Mouse offers unparalleled performance with a response rate of 1 millisecond along with 13 programmable buttons that can be customized for optimal performance. Gamers get things DONE with this guy.

The Mastermind


For those who have a plan and know how to execute, the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse features 20 MMO-tuned buttons for those endless raids that require meticulous preparation. With a premium grade laser, the Logitech G600 delivers precision at any hand speed and works with a range of surfaces. The customizable color backlight for the keys allows you to choose 1 out of 16 million colors to assign to different profiles for different games which is something every semi-OCD gamer will especially value.

The All Nighter


For the gamer that doesn’t need much sleep, the Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse provides over 250 hours of playtime on two AA batteries. With 11 programmable buttons, the power is in the gamer’s hand along with a 2 millisecond response rate that allows for lag-free gaming. Switch to Endurance Mode when you’re not gaming for up to 1,440 hours of use. The intuitive design provides maximum comfort along with enduring battery life for those long gaming nights we all love.

The Logitech G mouse family is a diverse bunch, and each one will give you a little something different. Which one best describes your gaming style? Tell us in the comments!


  • Although an avid gamer, I am not using any of the above.

    Rather, I can’t. You see, Logitech and mice manufacturers in general, have managed turning a perfectly normal human trait, left handedness, into a disability. To add insult to injury, they even insist on producing only right handed gaming mice, instead of a couple of ambidextrous models – like the excellent G300.

  • I use the G700s gaming mouse. It is confortable and amazing! I had issues programming the buttons to World of Warcraft at first, but now, it is easy to program it, to macth exactly what I need to use in WoW. The other game programmings are also very cool and you can do nearly anything without the keyboard, just by having this mouse. I really like it!

    • Great to hear! The G700s is one of my favorites too, and the whole corded/cordless tech in that mouse is great. Thanks for enjoying, and check out the G440 mouse pad: We worked hard to make that a great complement for our laser mice.

    • Hrm, I’d look at the G500s, G600, and G700s. Get the G500s if you’re mainly an FPS/RTS/MOBA player, the G600 if you’re a MMO player (Or an artist: Those macro buttons can save a lot of time for artists or anyone who wants to have a bunch of controls at the tip of their fingers), or look at the G700s for the mouse that can handle nearly everything (And it’s corded/cordless to boot: When it’s unplugged, it’s a wireless mouse with a 1ms response rate. When plugged in to charge, it starts sending data over the cable and becomes a fully corded mouse)

  • I have been using your Trackman (trackball thing) for over 15 years playing all genres of gaming be it SP or competitive online…Truth be told i’m always on top of the leader-boards especially in fast twitch FPS games. This mouse once mastered is incredible, its just missing key features!!! A damned scroll wheel for example, i have to ‘page up’ and ‘page down’ all the godamn time!!

    You could also make it look a little less like some kind of disabled outcast in the mouse world.

    <3 logitech been using your incredible products all my life. Keep up your good quality and customer support!!!

  • I picked up a 500s recently, and it’s working great. I’d recommend it for anyone needing a wired laser mouse without too many buttons, but with all the internal features, like macros and on the fly sensitivity profile settings.

    • Don’t forget the nifty weight tray: You can set the mouse to have just the right amount of heft so you have the best hand feel for you.

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