4 Browser Extensions to Increase Your Productivity

Think of browser extensions, those small icons that typically live on the upper right corner of your browser, as your digital elves. They’re nifty tools that save time and eliminate an extra step that makes working on your terms easier. Check out our favorite (free) browser add-ons to boost your productivity below:

1.    Instapaper/Pocket/Readability


Are you a browser tab addict? That compulsion to read every 22 Things Miley Cyrus Looked like at the VMAs article is the culprit of forgotten tabs. Clean up the clutter and focus on the task at hand with a bookmarking service that saves the articles for later reading.Check out Lifehacker’s helpful rundown of their top three favorites.

2.    Lazarus

This browser add-on automatically saves everything you type into an online form so if there’s a browser timeout or an unexpected error message, you can recover that data instantly instead of having to fill in everything again, field by field.

Available for:  Chrome, Mozilla, Safari


(Image via Adblock Plus)

3.    Adblock Plus

It’s the best ad blocker out there, but more than merely blocking annoying ads, Adblock Plus also enables handy features such as the removal of social media buttons that track your browsing and malware blocking to make internet browsing more secure.

Available for: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and more.

4.    AutoCopy

Ctrl+C. Ctrl+V. Repeat ad nauseam. With AutoCopy, eliminate the ‘copy’ shortcut and increase two finger two-step efficiency by 50%. It’s simple, just select the text (within your browser) and AutoCopy automatically copies it to your clipboard.

Available for: Chrome, Firefox

Have you tried any of these? Any recommendations to share?


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