Science Delivers Again with Three New Logitech G Products

The past few months have been exciting for the gaming team here at Logitech. In March we announced our Logitech G line and eight new high-performance gaming products – two keyboards, four mice and two all-new headsets. Then, in May we signed on as an official sponsor of the League of Legends Series Season Three Championship Series. Today, we have more great news for gamers.

Logitech G gear is designed and engineered from the ground up to deliver direct in-game advantages for gamers.  It’s our focus on science – fact-based innovations tested in the lab and proven in the field – that makes winning possible.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to introduce today three new products being added to the Logitech G lineup: the Logitech® G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse, Logitech® G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad and the Logitech® G240 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad.

To get a first look and learn more about the new mouse, check out the video below featuring the gaming team’s summer intern, Abel Wang.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. If you’re attending PAX Prime, we’ll be on the ground in Seattle this weekend, so make sure to come by and try out G602 and the full line of Logitech G gaming gear.


Brand Manager at Logitech


  • I was really, REALLY interested in the G602, to the point that I had preordered it, but after doing a little research I discovered that it doesn’t feature a tilt-wheel, for sideclicks left and right? As such, I wound up canceling my preorder.

    In more complicated games — specifically MechWarrior online — being able to have five separate bindable functions on my scrollwheel (scroll up, scroll down, tilt left and right, and wheel-click) has become essential for me. It’s just such a fast way to to get at briefly clicked controls in games, like zoom and radar toggles. Thumb buttons, for me, have become essential for held controls — push to talk, hold-and-look, that sort of thing. So, y’know. The specific ergonomics/button layout of a mouse really matters to me, more than the underlying technology. Which is a pity! Because I’m really, REALLY interested in the long battery life and new mouse sensor featured in the G602.

    I hope the underlying technology gets expanded to include some of the other mouse control layout designs Logitech’s made available over the years!

  • Where is the Logitech G502 for those who are still looking for the true successor of the old G7-type mouse? All I want and all I’ve been waiting for years is a new wireless gaming mouse from Logitech that allows up to 1000 Hz polling rate and has just TWO side buttons! Not four, not six, not more than two side buttons!

    Also why limit the G602 to just 500 Hz polling rate? Why not let players decide which polling rate they’d like to use and sacrifice their battery life if they so wish?


  • I’m also highly interested in the G602. Unlike Mark I don’t use a tilt-wheel at all, so I don’t care about that, but I do like the long battery life and the ergonomics.
    The design of the mouse looks pretty amazing.
    Besides that I’m interested in Delta Zero technology. To be honest I don’t really undestand how it works, but it seems like it can be a significant innovation in the mouse industry. When I play FPS games like BF or Planetside 2, I want my aiming to be as accurate as possible.

  • When is the exact release date? All I’ve seen is expected early September, today is Sept 11th, how much later is early?

  • When will you actually release the Logitech G602 mouse? Have pre-ordered it on Amazon UK but the EDD is unknown. Can you provide some more info about it?

  • The ONLY and i mean ONLY time i would ever even consider going wireless for a mouse is when they make mouses that come with a mouse pad and built in battery, so you can use it like a normal wireless mouse but when its ontop of its mouse pad its charging. the technology has been there for quite a few years and i’ve had one wireless mouse once before that ran on its own mouse pad but the pad was really tiny and quite thick i got the idea from

    This sort of technology built into a mouse/mousepad would be absolutely amazing, no cords massive mouse pad never need to change batteries, never die mid game, still have wireless freedom with the mouse hell you could even make attachments for your current mouses and sell mouse pads that charge them. like some phones currently have the availability to do.

    Please logitech i loved my G9 until it broke, my current mouse is falling apart and currently there are no upgrade options as almost everything has gone wireless in terms of the mouses that have decent features, make some mouse pads! 😀

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