Four Ways Having A Magnetized Phone Will Change Your Life…

Last month we welcomed the TidyTilt Case for iPhone into the Logitech family. We loved the refreshing ingenuity of TT Design Labs, and one of our favorite features of the case is how it magnetizes your phone. This is obviously a game-changing moment, so we took the chance to highlight the greatest parts about having a magnetized phone.


Better Selfies

With the TidyTilt Case for iPhone, you can now compose better self-shots.  You’ll gain the ability to try out a variety of angles without the need for duct tape! Capture the best of you – without your arm dangling in the frame – so you can shoot the profile picture of your dreams.

possible selfie image

Source: NY Daily News

Magnetized Cooking

Have your recipes in clear view by attaching your phone to your fridge while you cook! You’ll never again mess up a precise measurement if the text is right in front of you. More visual cooks can just stream whichever cooking show they might follow right into their kitchens.

Smart(er) Shower Radio

Attach your iPhone to any metal surface in your bathroom, and you’ll be jamming out to shower tunes in no time. Say goodbye to the days of annoying radio hosts and program your own shower playlists through your smartphone!

magblogKey Holder

Never lose your key again by attaching it to the back of your phone. One drawback – if you lose your phone then you can’t call the locksmith to let you back in!

Get a TidyTilt Case for iPhone today – the attraction is magnetic!


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