The Hottest Tech Summer Camps in 2013

Summer camp 2013 isn’t your grandfather’s Camp Hiawatha. Times have changed. Today’s tech-savvy kids want a camp that includes time with the newest and most exciting technology breakthroughs, games, techniques and equipment. As hundreds of tech camps spring up worldwide, kids (and adults) can satisfy their hearts’ most far-flung tech desires. Take a look at three of the biggest camps that will make you wish you were 13 again!

Digital Media Academy Camp

At Digital Media Academy, programs are taught by working industry professionals rather than college kids. DMA’s summer camps and specialized computer training give people of all ages hands-on experience with cutting-edge digital media and related technology.


Source: Digital Media Website

One of the camps they offer is Academy for Game Design. Guided through the process by seasoned professionals, kids use industry standard game-development tools. All students have the opportunity to load their character into the Unreal Engine™ and play in an expert game environment.

IDTech Camp

IDTech offers summer camps and courses in a wide range of tech topics at 60 universities in 25 U.S. states.  Campers choose from weeklong Tech Camps to intensive multi-week Teen Academies in Film, Gaming, Film, Photography, Programming, Robotics, and Graphic and Web Design. So many options, so few weeks in the summer!

Source: CNET

Teens develop their own strategies, fantasy characters and secret quests at the IDTech camp Role Playing Game (RPG) Design as a part of Neverwinter Nights™ 2: Storm of Zehir!  They get to create their own virtual worlds, including rich stories, dynamic quests, complex environments, models, dungeons and buildings, and take home their games.

Digital Media Academy, University of British Columbia

Ranked as one of the world’s best computer and digital arts summer camps for Teens, Digital Media Academy is Canada’s premier high tech summer camp, providing unique projects in a sophisticated and exciting learning environment. Perfect to test out the pre-college environment.

Emagination Camp  

A computer AND game design camp, Emagination Camp blends the latest in technology learning with cool non-tech activities for two weeks, supplying a well-rounded experience for both the tech side and kid side.


Source: Emagination Facebook Page

The Technology Sampler is a popular choice at Emagination. Campers can chose three from a long list of gaming concentrations, including Animate with Flash®, design RPG, Xbox 360, Action, FPS and Strategy games or build Radio-Controlled Cars and Robots.

We wish were we kids again. Tell us your favorite camp memory!