Reimagined Tech

Do you have countless CDs lying around your house? What happens to discarded computer parts?

Inspired by our Pinterest board, Reimagined Tech, we’re highlighting a couple of our favorite examples of aging technology given a second life. From futuristic sneakers to a shining CD falcon, there’s no end to the creative ways you can repurpose (nearly) obsolete materials.


Peregrine Falcon: Instead of CDs collecting dust, Australian sculptor Sean E Avery transformed these fragments into a stunning bird of prey’s feathers.


Nike Junk Dunk: Artist Gabriel Dishaw’s Shoe Sculpture Series used computer parts and typewriters to recreate some of his favorite sneakers.


Remote Control Bracelets: After you upgrade to the Logitech Harmony Smart Control, what do you do with all your old remotes? Brit + Co. has you covered with a DIY project that combines fashion and technology. Check out how to make your own wearable tech here.


Trojan Horse: “hedonism(y) trojaner”, a full size horse made of discarded computer keys by German artist Babis Cloud, cleverly references both the Greek tale of the Trojan Horse and the modern Trojan computer virus.

Have you ever repurposed your old tech products? Share your ideas in the comments below.