The Weather in Perfect Harmony (Remote)

No one wants to get caught in the rain. That’s why the smart people at Quartz programmed a Philips Hue light bulb that turns different colors depending on the shifts in the weather outside. It turns yellow for sunshine, purple for showers and bright red for hot, hot, hot. The spectrum of color ebbs and flows around the API, depicting what the weather is going to be like in 10 minutes.

The tech behind this handy weatherman-reincarnated is Philips Hue-–multicolored LED bulbs that connect to the internet to be controlled wirelessly. Quartz took these little guys and streamed everything from twitter topics, group chat bots, and ultimately weather through the socially connected light fixture.

Why are we so turned on (Get it? Lights.) by this invention? Our Logitech Harmony Ultimate has the power to control Phillips Hue light bulbs. Even though we wish we controlled the weather, our Harmony Ultimate remote does let you, with one touch, turn on your TV, start a DVD and set the room’s lighting to the perfect brightness and color. So the Harmony remote lets you set the mood. That’s almost the same as making it stop raining, right?

What else would be really cool to be able to control with our Harmony remote?

A remote control ball drop to celebrate the New Year in Times Square…


Turning on the city of lights and romance with a click of a button…


And, wouldn’t it be neat to turn up the brightness of these…?