Four Tips to Keep Your Keyboard Clean

When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard? For something most of us use (and eat over) every single day, there’s very little thought put into keeping our tech products clean. Below are a few tips and tricks we’ve found to help keep your keyboard in tip top shape.

    1. Compressed Air
      Consider this is your new favorite cleaning supply. Compressed air (also known as canned air) can be found at your local drugstore and will blow last night’s chip crumbs right out of your keyboard. Plus, it sounds pretty cool.


    1. Microfiber Cloth
      A microfiber cloth is designed to pick up dirt and dust much better than a napkin or the corner of your t-shirt. Swipe it over the keys every once in a while. This can also be found at convenience stores, most likely in the eyeglasses section.


    1. Post-Its
      Take that little yellow square of paper from your desk and slide the sticky part into the key crevices. You’ll be surprised what it picks up!


  1. Just Don’t Eat
    The biggest piece of advice? Just don’t eat at your computer. No matter how careful you are, that cookie crumb or drop of beer will get into your keyboard, trust us. If you can’t resist snacking, try out the Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 – it’s easy to clean and easy to dry.


We’ve shared our best tips. Do you have any favorite pointers for keeping your keyboard and other tech products clean?


  • Good tips! I’ve tried the post-it method but found eKlenz keyboard cleaners do a much better job cleaning between and on top of the keys.

  • I know a guy who used to have a cyber cafe with around 50 computers. Sometimes customers would spill soft drinks on them. He said that for keyboards that had become non-functional, he found that a trip through the dishwasher without soap and then air-dried would bring almost all of them back to life. If your keyboard is unbelievably disgusting, and you don’t mind gambling on maybe a 10% chance of killing it, a run through the dishwasher might work miracles. It isn’t the water that destroys a keyboard, it is water plus electricity. So a water-washed keyboard that is blown out good and then allowed to air-dry for several days or even a couple of weeks has a middling good chance of making it.

  • A useful tip if you have a cheap keyboard on its last legs.
    I don’t think I’ll be putting my G710+ through a dishwasher cycle any time soon 😉

  • Whenever my mk700 gets to grungy, I pull off the keys, place them in a mesh bag and dishwasher them. I then use a slightly soapy cloth on the rest of the plastic. A second wipe with a damp microfiber cloth after. Works like a charm and is a good memory exercise when putting the keys back in.

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