Logitech Helps Suit Your Style with its Bold New iPad Folios

Tablets have become a part of our everyday lives. We know how much you love your iPad®. You’ve made everything about it your own, customizing it with apps, your favorite pictures and everything in between.  We want to give you the opportunity to feel the same affection and proud self-expression for the device when you look at it, as when you use it.

To this end, today we’re excited to introduce you to the Logitech® FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad and the Logitech® Folio for iPad and iPad® mini.

With the introduction of these new products, we understood the importance of integrating high-quality materials to find the perfect balance of functional and fashionable. Protection for your iPad doesn’t need to be boring – it should be designed to fit you and your life. That said, we were meticulous with every detail that went into the folios, and worked with world-class design and color experts to identify an appealing assortment of colors that evoke and engage the senses.

Specifically for the Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio, we developed the industry’s first tablet keyboard that’s fused directly into its interior fabric. Through integrating the keyboard with its bold interior fabric, it creates a cohesive look and protects your iPad with the added benefit of a comfortable keyboard when you need it.

What does this look like you ask? Take a peek at this video to see the FabricSkin Keyboard Folios in action. We look forward to your feedback so be sure to share it in the comments below.


Global Product Marketing Manager


  • Is Logitech going to make a FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for the ipad mini? If so, when and where can I buy it!

  • Bought the FabricSkin folio/keyboard,. It works okay, but it doesn’t put the iPad into sleep mode (my previous cheap case did, and still does if I put the cover over the iPad while it’s in the FabricSkin, so the iPad is working okay.

    It also keeps messing up the keystrokes (just got to the end of the previous paragraph and the cursor jumped up to the Website field)

    This is not what I expect from such a highly priced unit.

    And the holder fram is so strong I simply cannot get the iPad out to get a refund.

    Even though the box was sealed, the FabricSkin has a different s/n to the box, and I wonder if the store has swapped the proper unit for a faulty one.

    Not happy at all.

    • Hi Gotty,

      We apologize for the issues you’re having. We’ve alerted our customer support team and they should be in touch via e-mail this week. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

  • With your media campaign in Switzerland (e.g. NZZ am Sonntag) you made a lot of customers hot for this new product. Yet you let them in uncertainty about the exact release date. Thirtyone days (–>”may”) is a long time for someone who has waited a long time for such a product – if the many reviews in the internet are correct.
    Such a public relations strategy might lead to frustration and damages the image of a swiss company – especially since Switzerland is famous for precision timing…

  • Will there be more colors for the iPad mini keyboard folio? When will they be released?

    • Irene,

      Right now those are the only colors available. Unfortunately we can’t comment on future products, but any new products we do release can always be found on logitech.com

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