Logitech G Products Now Support Mac OS

As many of you know, last month we announced Logitech G, unveiling eight new products and our new approach to gaming accessories. The new lineup, which includes six redesigned mice and keyboard favorites and two new headsets, will be available for you to own later this month.

Today, we are excited to share that Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) has been updated to support Mac OS for our full keyboard and mouse lineup. Now Mac gamers can enjoy the same great personalization and customized control our PC customers have come to reply on. You can download the latest version of LGS from the Logitech support page for each compatible product.

Several of us on the gaming team switch back and forth between Mac and PC, so we’re thrilled to have this support on both platforms. We can’t wait for you to now have the option to experience your favorite Logitech gaming accessories on Mac.

Compatible Products Include:


  • G100/G100s Optical Gaming Mouse
  • G300 Gaming Mouse
  • G400/G400s Optical Gaming Mouse
  • G500/G500s Laser Gaming Mouse
  • G600 MMO Gaming Mouse
  • G700/G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse
  • G9/G9x Laser Mouse
  • MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse


  • G103 Gaming Keyboard
  • G105 Gaming Keyboard
  • G110 Gaming Keyboard
  • G13 Advanced Gameboard
  • G11 Gaming Keyboard
  • G15 Gaming Keyboard (v1 and v2)
  • G510/G510s Gaming Keyboard
  • G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G19/G19s Gaming Keyboard



Brand Manager at Logitech


  • Great news for Apple fans indeed.

    I always wondered if any of these keyboards supports Arabic characters? and if yes then where I can buy one, because I couldn’t find it online.


  • I was terribly disappointed a year or so ago when I found out that my beloved G500 which I use with my gaming PC would not work with my Mac and its shiny new Steam library.

    This announcement makes me very very happy.


  • Hi,

    now that Logitech officially supports MAC OS X, why don’t they also support Linux?

    I personally have a bunch of Logitech products and i’m waiting for Linux support since Logitech started the G-Series!

    Time has come for Linux support …

    • We do take our fans’ requests seriously when developing product updates so please check back for updates and thank you for sharing your feedback.

  • This is awesome news! Thanks for doing that. I use a MBP and a G9 mouse, so this is handy.

    Does the software do anything about overriding OS X’s mouse acceleration curve? I really like to have mouse acceleration off when gaming.

    • If I recall correctly, the LGS driver does not fully replace the OS X native driver for the actual mouse tracking input, so the standard OS X acceleration behavior should still be there.

  • The Logitech G13 is listed, but when I go to the support & downloads page for that product, OSX isn’t listed as a choice – only various flavors of Windows. What gives?

    • It sounds like there’s an issue with the website. We’ll report that, but for the time being, you should be able to use the download link from the other G-Series keyboards.

  • Sure hope that it will not take another three years for a software update. I love my G13, but the Software barely made it.

    Nice to see the shift in focus, let it stay there

  • I have a G500 and Mac OS 10.8.3. The installer ask to insert LogiGamingMac disk at this installation and I can’t cancel.

    • Sounds like an install issue. So, you could try a lot of tiny steps to fix it, testing each step along the way, or just do all of this at once:
      Repair disk permissions
      Create a new Administrator user on your system
      Log into this administrator, download a fresh LGS for Mac download, and try the install again.

      Usually one of those will resolve OS X install oddities, but it’s quicker and more effective to do them all at once. After you successfully install, you can remove the new user you created.

    • If you like the MX500, check out the G400s: Same shape, but better sensor, buttons, grip surfaces, and uses LGS software.

  • This is a good news. I’ve already owned G700.

    It’d be good if in the future Logitech will support K800 and F710 (Which I now use them on the Mac with some problem).

  • Still no support for steering wheels – what a shame!!

    I am particularly interested in G25 wheel. Cool racing games are finally coming to Mac, but are unplayable because G25 wheel is not supported by Logitech on Mac.

    Wake up Logitech!

  • Well it was about time!!! Your LGS software for OSX had its last update ages ago while the PC counterpart keeps getting updated every couple of months.

    • The hardest part about this project was not telling anyone until it was ready to be released, but I’m glad it’s now available on Mac.

  • Great news and I hope this will increase the chances of better Mac support for my Logitech G25 steering wheel. I would have liked seeing that on the list, being part of the G-series, but I keep my fingers crossed. It works as it is, but some control options would be welcome.

  • Im waiting too for support linux because I have a G700 but when I using linux the buttons dont work and is very annoying

    • For the time being, you can try something: On a PC, you can program the mouse’s buttons to the onboard memory, then bring it over to Linux and the keystrokes should be assigned. It’s not direct support, but for now, you could get your buttons assigned and usable.

  • The G300 mouse is listed as compatible above. But, when I go to the G300 support/download page, Mac is not an option.

    • May be a webpage issue. I’ll report that, but you can use the LGS download from any of the products listed above without issue.

  • I just got my g700s and I think it’s love at first sight. I’m a developer, and I am excited to integrate this into my OS X workflow to blast productivity to the moon!

    However, I do have one gripe about the latest release of the OS X Logitech Gaming Software – The gaming software icon stays up in my dock constantly. I would like an option or setting to only show the icon for the program in my top right menu bar with all the rest of my utilities such as growl, caffeine, etc. Having the gaming software as a open icon in my dock adds clutter to my workspace. There are my two cents on the subject. Hope it helps.

    • I’ll let the web team know, but for the time being, you can use the download from any other of the products listed above.

  • I moved away from logitech years ago when you guys left the Mac platform. Clearly it’s a popular enough platform to come back to finally eh? =)

    Glad to hear it. I just purchased a G700s as thanks.

  • “We can’t wait for you to now have the option to experience your favorite Logitech gaming accessories on Mac.”

    And I can’t wait for you to update the download link to the Logitech Gaming Software for OS X so I can actually do so.

    • I’ll be letting the web team know, but for now, you can use any of the above product pages to download the software (It’s the same download for all of the keyboards/mice listed, and I see it as active on the G510 keyboard)

  • I was very excited to read this as I’m a fan of your hardware and switched to a mac a few years ago. However, I went to see if there was updated software for my G13 (which was listed above), but not only did I not see updated software, but the old software download was gone. When can we expect to see updated downloads for Macs?


    • It’s a website issue. For the time being, use the download for any other G-Series keyboard: It’s the same software.

  • I have the g600 mmo gaming mouse and on the download page there is no software for this mouse for mac. When the new software will be available for this mouse?

    • We’ll be reporting all of the downloads that aren’t working to the web team. For the time being, you can use any download link from the above products: It’s the same software for all of them.

  • The G13 is listed, but the support page only lists Windows downloads.

    Am I missing something. was it listed in error, or is this just hot air?

    • Webpage issue. Please use the download link from any of the other above listed mice/keyboards: It’s the same software.

  • I’ve installed the LGS software on my Mac running 10.8.3 and can see my MX518 using LGS. When I attempt to configure the mouse using “Customize buttons” I can see commands on the left and profiles on the top but no matter what I select no commands are visible on the mouse face. I can’t tell if I’m making a chang or not. Dragging commands onto the mouse highlights the buttons but also gives me a crossed out icon. I have to be missing something because I can’t see this software being released in a broken state. Help me out!

    • Yes, the G5, G7, and a few select older Gaming mice were not migrated to LGS. There were specific things on the PC side that prevented us from migrating those two to LGS on PC, and Mac has the same mouse and keyboard support as the PC version. They’re still good mice, but they will only be supported with SetPoint on PCs.

  • bonestamp,

    scroll down on the ‘Choose OS’ tab, you’ll see ‘Mac OS 10.6.8 -10.8x available

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Todd,

    What wonderful news!

    I have downloaded and been testing the software for the last day. Almost everything is working really well. Configuring my G9x mouse was very easy and it’s now functioning exactly how I want… Yay! However my beloved G15 is not working out so well. The keyboard itself is working fine, gkeys are all setup and working… but the LCD is not so lucky. The LCD will freeze every hour or two and will either require the computer to be put to sleep or a full reboot to get it working again. I have tried two different G15s and they both exhibit the same issue.

    I rely on the LCD, even when I’m not gaming, so I really hope this issue is addressed in the next version LGS.

    I’d also like to suggest an option to give the user the ability to hide the LGS icon from the menu bar at the top of the screen. It can get very crowded up there and once peripherals have been fully configured the icon isn’t really needed in the menu bar.

    By the way, I’m using OSX 10.8.3

    Kind Regards,

  • Frankly, this is rather absurd. This is the first driver update for 3 years, despite Mac users begging for one during that time.

    The mouse drivers are still broken, to the point where games developers have to patch in workarounds, and the LCC is almost a year old. My K750 for Mac is better supported in Windows 7 than OS X.

  • Thank you for your work. Just few observation:

    1) I want to hide the LGS icon from the menu bar (also John mention this). I think LGS should be accessible in the System Preferences (in Other group) – much better place.

    2) When I try to set Mission Control on “switch window” button on MX518, it doesn’t work.

    3) When I switch a DPI, it sometimes do a click like a left button also.

    Hope I help for improvements.


  • Great news, but:
    1. Installed, rebooted.
    2. Saw that it’s a permanent fixture of the dock, not impressed.
    3. Found that it locked up my MBP.
    4. Uninstalled.

    A for effort, but D for implementation 🙁 Please have a look at system stability + getting it out of the dock and somewhere else (System Preferences is a really good place, the menu bar is ok as well).

  • Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my
    comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing
    all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say great

  • Why still no MacOSX support for Logitech racing wheels? The drivers for the racing wheels is what was really missing from the Mac platform.

  • today i´ve bought the g300, i downloaded the logitech gaming software for mac os x and installed it… but when i try to start it, i get a message that ” this software cant be opened on this type of mac”

    what does this mean ?

    i got a macbook , os x 10.6.8

  • I want to buy a gaming mouse for my boyfriend, and was thinking of getting the G500. He’s only got a Mac, so it’s really important that it’s Mac OS X compatible. When I check the support page on the Logitech website for the G500, it says it’s supported by Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista – no mention of Mac OS X. The conflicting information makes me a little suspect.

    Can I be absolutely sure this mouse will work on a Mac, the same way it works on a PC?

  • Not sure if my last comment showed up . . . from your website it’s hard to tell if your products are Mac OS X compatible. (The support page for the G500 mentions nothing about being supported by OS X.) Is this information just not updated?

  • Please provide support for your headsets on OSX. I have a g430 and nothing but Macs in my house.

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