The Science Behind Logitech G

Last month we announced Logitech G – revealing our new approach to PC gaming. With this announcement we unveiled eight new products that to-date have only been previewed at PAX East in Boston and The Gathering in Norway. Later this month, you’ll start to see the new line in stores and will be able to check out the new mice, keyboards and headphones for yourself.

In the meantime, you can get a sneak peek at the science behind Logitech G in the video below, where Charles Bathel, gaming community coordinator, walks you through some of the advancements that set the Logitech G line apart.


Brand Manager at Logitech


  • First of all love the logitech gaming gear using g500 g19 and g35 all the time. But the question is what is the diffences between this and the old ones we love? I can see a bit different design bot does not seem like anytihng else.

  • Hi,

    I do quite like the new designs, but:

    1) I’m a claw/fingertip grip FPS player. The G9/G9x was very good for this (and good claw/fingertip grip mice are very rare…), but it is now discontinued, without any news of a replacement. I suppose you will say your “company policy prevents you from talking about unannounced products”, but I’ll ask anyway: is there a G900s planned, to update the G9x, with a new sensor without the positive acceleration issue of the G9x, with a more durable comfort grip (like the new G*00s series I suppose), and eventually with a button on top to switch the wheel mode instead of having it under the mouse (like the G500/G700), and maybe even a new customizable button somewhere accessible but not in the way (maybe it could be located under the very tip of the thumb, if not too easy to click by mistake… -I suppose that by default it could be advertised as a live/temporary DPI modifier (i.e., putting us back at the previous DPI when letting the button go, instead of having to push it twice to toggle back), like the Corsair M60 or a few others), and possibly a third grip like the comfort grip but with a finger rest on the right side too (like the CM Storm Spawn, for example… well, I’m not even sure I would use this grip, because I do control the mouse in part with my ring and little fingers, at times… but it seems like it could be interesting to test, to avoid fingers dragging on the mouse pad, or tensions trying to keep them in the air…), and well, while I’m at it, maybe a slightly larger comfort grip, for larger hands (additional grips could very well be sold separately…)?

    2) I have an old G15. I like the new G510s, but I want a mechanical keyboard. Now you do have the G710s, but it uses Cherry MX brown switches, while red switches are generally considered the best for gaming (although there sure are varied opinions, also including the black and even the blue switches…). I also noticed some pictures showing the use of rubber dome keys for some multimedia keys, instead of having all-mechanical keys. And I also quite like the screen of the G15 Refresh/G510/G510s (although the screen area feels a bit empty and basic, in the G510/G510s, contrary to the G15 Refresh…). G910s or something, one day?

    I’ll stop here, I could say a lot more, but I’m sure you already know most of it, and I suppose at best you’ll just reply you passed along the suggestions…


    • We’re sorry but we don’t discuss future product plans with the public and we’re glad that you understand that. Please watch this space for any future product announcements.

  • The G710+ has a lot of useful features that make it one of most reliable MX Brown keyboard on the market but… it uses Browns. I’d really love to see refreshed version (with “s” suffix or something) of the keyboard that would offer 4 types of MX switches (or at least Black ones), gold plated USB (essential!), more programmable G-keys on the side of the keyboard (6 is good, but doubled would be better). I enjoyed the multimedia keys on top of G710+ and the volume scroll is amazing. Even though I’d love to touch full set of mechanical keys. More elastic and braided wire would be really welcome as well as more USB ports (3.0 would be totally amazing – first among the keyboards!) and mini-jack ports (such a pity that G710+ hadn’t them…). As for details, the tilt legs should be rubberized so they could prevent the keyboard from moving on the desk and totally additional, but also welcome would be switching the game mode switch much more like in G19s.

    I now that I have nothing to say in future product development but I think this place is best for me to share my wishes and suggestions.

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