A New Era Begins With Logitech G

I wanted to personally update you on what we have been working on in the gaming group at Logitech.  We spent the last six months thinking about what was missing in PC gaming accessories. We looked at what we believed in as ardent gamers and challenged ourselves to help make that difference when it really counts – at 3:45 in the morning when there is one more boss to slay, one more army to lead, and one more record to break.

This journey led us to a simple and powerful truth: Science Wins.

This is not a slogan; this is what we believe in. This is our passion. This is our heritage. It is time for us to step up. There is a significant gap in the PC gaming accessories market – too many products with a lot of flash but little substance.  You have our commitment to put real science to work for you.

Science starts with questions: How far can we push the limits of speed, precision, reliability, and even intuitiveness? To answer those questions, there is no substitute for endless hours of rigorous research and development. This is why our mouse buttons are tested to 20 million clicks; like you, we didn’t take any shortcuts.  The result is a line of precision tools that deliver what’s required for gamers to succeed.

I wanted you to be among the first to know that today we are announcing the new Logitech® G lineup.  The new lineup exemplifies our passion for science and includes six redesigned mice and keyboard favorites and two new headsets, each one featuring advanced technology specifically designed to improve gamers’ performance.

From Delta Zero sensor technology for high accuracy cursor control to advanced surface materials for a comfortable precision grip to anti-ghosting keys, we are passionate about delivering gear that goes beyond your demands.

And we are so confident in our commitment to you that every new Logitech PC gaming product now comes with a 3-year warranty, worldwide.

My favorite is the Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse; in my opinion, it’s the zenith of all wireless gaming mice. This mouse is wireless but communicates with the computer at up to 1,000 times per second, making it up to eight times faster than a standard USB mouse. Plus, with our new advanced surface materials on the palm, sidegrips and primary buttons, the mouse is a joy to use through even the longest gaming sessions.

For a first look at the new Logitech G lineup, check out the video below from Charles Bathel, our gaming community and marketing coordinator. And let us know what you think in the comments below.

Thank you for joining us on this new journey. Great things are ahead for gaming.


Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Chief Marketing Officer


  • Messed up the G100.

    That’s the shape of Logitech G3, which was an AWESOME mouse but G100 is missing back/forward buttons. Should’ve also made it wireless.

    And what’s up with that paintjob? Previous mice looked better with rusted textures like G5.

  • I own a g19 keyboard, a g35 headset and a g600 mouse. i dont feel the need to upgrade my current devices with these minor upgrades that are not that sifnificant too me, especially the g19 keyboard, its the exact same thing but with a diffrent coating.

    I think its great logitech is trying to push on in the gaming scene but they have to deliver more game-changing gear too keep existing users to buy stuff.

    So its great for new users, but not that exiting for existing users.

    On a side note, what i would like to see is a Logitch mousepad, i love the big and wide mousepads some of the other companies are making but it doesnt fit with my full logitech gear set and i would like use one which is gamer specific, long, wide and anti-slip on the bottom.

  • So, no new version of the G13 and or the G600?! And nothing about making the G software better? You can have the best hardware in the world, but if the software fails and is so frustrating to use, it means nothing.

    • Hi Kyle, we’re sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with the software. Please contact our support team at +1 646-454-3200 with any specific problems you’re having and they will be able to assist you.

  • I’m looking at the G700S. I’ve been using a G9 mouse for years and I love it. I’ve recently been thinking about a new wireless mouse but nothing I’d seen really got me excited.

    I think the G700S looks like one that I’m really going to have to look at. I’m a little afraid to see the price point (ha ha) but that’s to be expected. I think I’ve found my next mouse!

    Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!

  • One more question;

    I have a Sound Blaster ZXR. It’s a high-end sound card which I’m sure you’re familiar with. I was wondering about the connectors on the headsets. I only really want to use the separate headphone and mic jacks so I can take advantage of my sound card. I’m afraid a straight usb connection would bypass the sound card.

    • Hi Rich, both headsets have separate 3.5mm microphone and headphone plugs that will work with a standard PC sound card. The G430 can also be plugged into the included USB adapter which enables Dolby Headphone surround sound and would become a separate audio device in Windows. While plugged into USB, you would not be using your existing sound card.

      If you’re only going to be using the headset connected to a sound card and don’t need the surround sound feature, the stereo G230 headset would be the way to go.

  • I heard that this refresh to your gaming line will also come with mac-compatible drivers.
    Is it official? If so, you guys totally rock.

    I’ve been using my g500 with driver hacks and 3rd party software for the longest time, so I’m really happy about these updates.

    • Hi James, the G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse, G500s Laser Gaming Mouse, G400s Optical Gaming Mouse, G100s Optical Gaming Mouse, G19s Gaming Keyboard, G510s Gaming Keyboard, and the G230 Stereo Gaming Headset are compatible with Macs and the G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset headset works with Windows® 8, Windows® 7 or Windows Vista®.

  • I really like the new types of headsets. Also the better earshell, because the old one (G35) got easily torn apart and you had all over those black isolation stuff. The only point I have to suggest is, that the wire doesn’t look very solid. I had some bad experience with this type of cable and they always broke or got twisted and so on. All in all, the new headset looks pretty good , but it would be nice if you substitute the cable from the new blue headset wit the one of the G35 , because this is really a good one.

    Hope for an answer. 🙂

  • Why no specs or details in this announcement. Seriously. They look like the same shape as all the old mice. Give us some details if you are going to make an announcement, please.

  • Is the G700s sensor different from the G700? Are the buttons different? Battery life? Anything other than the graphics on the top of the mouse. Should I buy a now discounted G700 or should I hold on for the G700s?

  • Disappointed that the mice with more buttons are for righties only. Oh well, maybe next year.

  • Sorry to be a Dirk Downer from the off, but:

    These are just old products that have been re-badged. The headsets are the wired 930’s with coloured pads and cable. The mice are the 518 with a different pattern cover and the keyboards are existing ones – with new coating (apparently) on the wrists rest.

    Surely innovation, not regurgitation is the way forward?

  • I hope these are not the only products that you submit a short time because I have a very bad impression, I just logitech products for the great quality, and I do not understand why not marketed in Italy plus all gaming keyboards such as now only the most expensive arrive to the Italian market, or as gG710 + Mechanical there is no version qwerty Italian.

    • Hi Albert, the G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse, G500s Laser Gaming Mouse, G400s Optical Gaming Mouse, G100s Optical Gaming Mouse, G19s Gaming Keyboard, G510s Gaming Keyboard, and the G230 Stereo Gaming Headset are compatible with Macs and the G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset headset works with Windows® 8, Windows® 7 or Windows Vista®.

  • So i guess the keyboards don’t have mechenical key-switches..
    Litte dissapointed at that point.

    I’d like to see a G19 with mechenical keyswitches, maby in the future?

    • Hi Giovanni, we appreciate your interest in the new lineup from Logtiech G. Currently, there is no way to offer custom color back-lighting with mechanical keys. However, we do offer the Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for gamers who prefer mechanical keys.

  • Nothing new on the racing front? Some racing-inspired headsets and maybe a new G27 (G29?) would’ve been neat. The G27’s still really good and is probably doing well, so I guess dedicating resources to making a slightly updated model wouldn’t make sense.

    • We appreciate your suggestions. Unfortunately, cannot comment on any future product updates so we encourage you to continue to check back for any such updates. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • I’m sure this will be a “Unfortunately, we cannot comment on future products” type of question but what the heck, I’ll try.

    1. Are there any plans to produce a G510 or G19 version of the keyboards with mechanical keys? I realize that the G710+ keyboard was released to cater to this demand but I have to say I also really like the GamePanel LCD screens. It would be great if the LCD with a mechanical keyboard. Granted, I dunno if the gaming market is looking for such a device in general but I’d love to see Logitech gauge the viability of such a product.

    2. I absolutely love my current G700 mouse and I’m somewhat interested in the new G700s with the upgrading sensors, switch, and materials. However, I’m not particularly crazy about the new paint scheme. Any plans to offer a custom or “plain” version of the G700s, something that looks similar to the older version?

    • The new lineup from Logitech G includes the Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard and Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard. You can read more about the whole lineup here: http://bit.ly/Y52vn5. We currently do not have an update regarding the new Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    • Hi there, ‎we’re unable to comment on future products at this point, but we’ll pass your feedback along for future products.

  • A few questions and suggestions:

    When will you guys be doing a fully backlit mechanical keyboard? Currently I run a Cyborg v7 myself but would love to upgrade to something in Logitech’s line since, well, I like you guy’s style and the quality of your products shows. I like backlit because I find gaming at night with the lights off my typing accuracy suffers without a bright backlit keyboard, even though I never actually look at my keyboard to type. One of the main reasons I’ve not went and got a keyboard from yourselves yet is the lack of mechanical offerings, the next keyboard I buy WILL be mechanical definitely I have decided, since it’s apparently a much more enjoyable typing experience.

    In a similar vein, I’ve been using a RAT 5 mouse for a while now having switched over from an MX518, something in a similar style to this mouse would be awesome. I’m a big fan of the thumb and pinky rests on it although just the customisability of it is what sells it for me.

    Addtionally, I pulled the trigger and bought a G35 headset and must say I’m not regretting it although an open ear design would be pretty sweet, not that I don’t like the closed ear design but I like being aware of my surroundings when gaming and also tend to talk louder when I cannot hear my own voice. Some sort of tweak so you hear your own voice through the mic (Turtle beach nailed it with their headsets) would be sweet. The preview option is nice but also a pain, mainly because it lags behind by about 2-3 seconds so it’s rather off-putting when talking to people.

    That’s about all the feedback I can currently think of to feed through your teams…


    – Martin Jopp

    • Hi Martin, we really appreciate your interest but we can’t comment on future product updates at this time. We will however, pass your feedback on to our team.

  • I certainly hope the new mice have more durable buttons than the current generation mice. It’s become common place for Logitech mice to have left button failures within 2 years of purchase due to low quality switches. (This is a VERY common problem, but Logitech seems to have ignored it on their forums and assembly lines.)

    I purchased a G700 yesterday to replace another that recently failed (same issue.) The warranty is meaningless to me when Logitech won’t cross ship a replacement.

    I also hope that Logitech spends some time with their software development. For the G700, the current “logitech gaming software” is a huge downgrade from the previous Setpoint 6.32 used with the G700. Sadly, Logitech makes it difficult for new users to get that older Setpoint that works better and is more reliable. If a user didn’t know to downgrade the software, they might believe that a G700 purchased today is less functional than one purchased last year. Sure, LGS is prettier… but I somehow doubt anyone buys the G700 to have a “pretty” driver interface.

    Please don’t ask me to call an 800 number for software issues. Logitech’s outsourced call centers are mostly clueless and as a professional software developer for the past 20 years, I usually find myself insulted when someone in another country who BARELY speaks English (yet claims their name is “John”) suggests that I re-install the software (again) or that I reboot.

  • Hello, anything you can share with us on the left hand front? I would love to see left hand versions of G400s or G700s instead of “ambidextrous” mice. I already have a G300 and a G100, but to be honest I almost exclusively use my non-symmetrical ergonomic left hand mouse made by another company, which I would replace with a G400s (Left Hand) in a heartbeat.

    Does Logitech still believe that the demand is too low to invest in ergonomic left-handed mice?

    • Hi Den, we appreciate your feedback and will be sure to pass it on to our team. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on future products at this point.

  • Aww man, no mechanical G13? Give it to me straight, should I settle for the orb weaver? Or will the mechanical g13 one day surface?
    Not sure about the keyboards either, seems silly to sacrifice something as standard and important to most gamers such as mechanical keys for something gimmicky such as changeable lighting, but you do already have a mechanical keyboard out, so I cannot complain.

    However I love the mouse that can go wired or wireless, this is a feature I’d love to see in more mice. And the headsets took a HUUUUGE upgrade to the aesthetics, I especially love the use of open sounding cloth ear cups rather then the closed leather/pleather most high end headsets have these days. Definitely will be picking up the G430 !

  • Would have been great with a mechanical g110, g510 or g19. I didn’t like that orange part on the g710+ and it didn’t feel like a part of the game series!

    • Hi Magnus, there is currently no way to offer custom color back-lighting with mechanical keys. However, we do offer the Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for gamers who prefer mechanical keys. Please let us know if you have any questions.

  • Most of the stuff you showed is more of a re-branding then an upgrade. I’ll knock on your headsets since that’s what failed twice on me.

    Your headsets looks like they are based off of the same design as g35, g930.

    The G35 has two major problems. the hear cup was held onto the head band with plastic. which broke on me and the earpad had this odd leather that peeled off from sweat. your upgrade added a new pad that is wash-able, which is a welcome site. as for the plastic piece I won’t know till I bought your product for testing. Sadly I won’t. because I dont want to gamble so much money in hopes for a construction upgrade.

    see image. on the plastic part i’m talking about.

    G930 had one major problem. It was the wireless radio channels. It would turn on and off at random because it was getting interference from the microwave, wireless routers and wireless phones in the home. The way this could have been fixed is by having more control over the channels in the wireless.

    In summery this is what I want. A headset with USB support that has 5.1 to 7.1 surround sound. we are good so far. the part you failed at each and every time, is poor construction. I would pay for your wireless headset is they are made with metal in high stress area.

    • Thanks for all your thoughtful feedback Luke. We appreciate you giving us your thoughts and will be sure to pass it on to our team.

  • The new line is looking great! Personally, I like the paint job applied to the new peripherals a lot. Has an aggressive gamer look to it without being too cheesy. Nicely done, Logitech!

    I REALLY hope that a refreshed/upgraded version of the G13 (mechanical keys!) is in the works somewhere down the line. /fingerscrossed

  • Hello, is the cable of the g700s any better than the super stiff cable of the g700?
    If it is not as stiff then i would certainly not hesitate to upgrade my g700.

  • I love the new peripherals. I’m glad that this line is all game and I totally look forward to experiencing it. However, while Logitech gaming peripherals certainly are well-crafted and have the capability go toe-to-toe with any other gaming company in the world, it lacks one thing. While I think that this has been remedied a bit, what you need a lot more of is…attitude. Logitech gaming peripherals could use a lot more attitude and style and I think your promos could also incorporate this some more. I’d like to see graphics related to “Science Wins.” and a lot more style added to your devices. But, please, do not sacrifice functionality because that is what you excel at and that’s what will keep people coming.

  • Right now, none of the mice fits my style, i hope this will change during may.

    I used to have a G5 refresh, the 3 LEDs, weights and the mouse-wheel where superior.

    But now, this combination is not available. I just can’t get used to the new scrollwheel of the g500 🙁 It’s just too lighweighted, i prefer the “old” 2D-scrollwheel.

  • I love logitech All my gaming gears are from Logitech…
    But I hope I see a new gaming wheel in the near future.. Any news about that?
    Thank you!

  • Can you post a picture of all of your gaming mice side by side [last gen G300 too if possible (I have that one :))] so I could see the size difference between them? I have not seen a single pic that does so till now and I would really appreciate it if done so. Thanks! 😀

  • My G500 has served me well, but like my old G5 which it replaced, it’s slowly dying of a cable break and I think the warranty has expired now. Hopefully it will last until May when these new ones are out…

    These new models don’t seem much different asides from cosmetics though. I wouldn’t mind seeing a new range of mice, such as one with six side buttons for MOBAs. The 12 on the G600 is too many and the only other mouse I know of with 6 side buttons is the Razer Naga Hex, but Razer mouses just lack what makes a quality product unlike logitech (although my cables keep breaking, so I can’t be too sure of that.)

    Also, does the G700s have a free spinning mode on the scroll wheel? I love that feature on the G500, even if it is situational, the G500’s scroll wheel is fantastic.

    • The Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse does have a free spinning mode on the scroll wheel. Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding any of our new products for Logitech G.

  • Man, I was really hoping that Logitech would step up to the plate with a nice big, ergonomic, Bluetooth 4.0 mouse. The Mad Catz mous9 is expensive and gaudy :/

  • Hi,

    Any word on the release date for the new G lineup? Everywhere I see says April, but is there a more specific date? This week, next, the one after that?

    A loyal customer,


  • Logitech needs more Wireless Gaming mice options than the G700/G700s.

    Make another cheaper wireless mouse that’s something more like the G400, except it’s laser and making use of the ADNS-3090 sensor. With this I mean the same shape, sensor position and buttons – only 2 side buttons with either the same clicky switches or like the ones in the G5.

    Also somehow get Avago to stop making sensors with acceleration flaws like the ADNS-9500/ADNS-9800 or use the good old ADNS-3090 which allows up to about 3500 dpi, which is more than enough.

    I suppose it could be called G470, G400x, G400w or G400 Wireless I don’t know, but please just give another option for a low-latency (1000hz/ultrapolling) wireless mouse for those of us not satisfied with the G700 (its buttons, sensor position, general feeling) and the ADNS-9500/9800 sensors. I’m using the G400 and I love it except for the wire that can be very annoying sometimes.

  • It’s about time for Logitech to get with the gaming scene. The real gaming scene that demands the best. I always was curious to the stance of Logitech when gaming professionals, especially fps players rarely if ever used Logitech mice. This is the truth, the tournament scene from Counter Strike to Quake has long considered Logitech inferior mice either by shape or sensor. I only know of one Quake professional who uses Logitech (K1llsen). I have used G9, g5, mx500, 518, mx300 on and on. The truth is from a fps gaming perspective they are all inferior to the simple and venerable Wheel Mouse Optical. The Mx300 was the best fps mouse Logitech has released and that is also the opinion of many a player.

    Lets hope the G100s is the real deal and will be a top tournament choice.

    Maybe now for the first time, albeit untested the g100s, might make its way into the tournament scen

  • I like my g35 but i got a creative recon3d sound card and usb headphones don’t get any benefit from this if you made a non usb G35 i might consider selling my g35 and upgrading

  • I am glad to see the new items .
    And one of the best things is the cost , being totally disabled it is very hard for me to buy good quality things for me to use as they are just to far out of reach for me.
    It may take me quite awhile to save for the 700 model mouse and the keyboard and the surround sound head set but at least I have a chance in getting them .

    This is one of the main things for me is the cost , and liking LOGITECH

  • Really hope you won’t forget the racers out there, some high end brands are very succesful with their new wheels, so a new wheel to succeed the g27 would be much appriciated!

  • if you make gaming peripherals make 2 versions, 1 cable bound, 1 wireless. i hate wireless, input lag, recharge problems

  • I live in the Los Angeles area & I’ve been trying to pick-up the G430 headset but I cant find it anywhere for sale, were they delayed?

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