Squeezebox in 2013

Hello Squeezebox Fans,

It’s Ariel Fischer, director of products for Logitech UE, here – back in touch with a few updates on the Logitech Squeezebox front.

As we head into 2013, I want to reassure you that, as I explained in my last open letter, we will continue to provide service and active support for Logitech Squeezebox in its current form at http://www.logitech.com/support/speakers-audio. The current mysqueezebox.com website and Squeezebox Controller Mobile App will continue to work with existing Logitech Squeezebox devices so you can continue to enjoy the Squeezebox experience you love.

I also want to address the recent server outages some of you noticed. While we’re working hard to make sure there is never a lapse in our service, we’ve taken steps to ensure open communication in case an outage occurs in the future. Specifically, if you ever experience an outage, you can visit the Squeezebox server forum to get updates on the status and ask our team questions.

If you have additional questions please visit the forum and pose the question there.  We actively monitor this site and are committed to responding quickly when questions arise.


  • Very good news, thank you 🙂

    I hope this year will also bring some news about new UE devices.

    Best Regards,

  • Indeed, these are very good news for SB fans
    Now, I decided to buy a second Squeezebox for my wife, who always takes my devise.

    I miss the SB on the frontsite of Logitech products, although the SB is still offered by
    the shops.
    Best Regards

  • Hello, does LT consider selling the Squeezebox technology to some other company which knows how to bring this gratest streaming technology of the planet to fruition? Reg. F.

  • Thank you for this update..
    I’m fan of Logitech products but as soon as Squeezebox dies completely I won’t be buying anything from Logitech. I just hope you can realise that killing Squeezebox range was terrible mistake which would cost Logitech it’s loyal customers. If things need to go UE then you have to provide upgrade path for other devices (at least Squeezebox Touch) and remove all limitations and internet connection requirement. One of most important feauture for me is ability to play in sync, that’s why I bought 3 Touches and 2 Radios… As you can imagine, I can’t update to UE at present… Anyway I can’t believe you couldn’t make money on SB Touch.. if so it’s only Logitech fault (lack of marketing) cos Sonos is doing well.. It’s a shame.. real shame.. Just hope you would support SB’s for many years to come.. Thank you.

  • Thank you for these good news for SB fans..
    I was wondering if there is any update on UE upgrade patch for Squeezebox Touch.
    Thank you.

  • Original Squeezebox is still the optimal solution for me and I do not buy into the new UE concept. Luckily, the Squeezebox ecosystem works well without Logitech services. Nonetheless the new product strategy is deeply disappointing.

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