“Music makes it seem less like a space ship, and more like a home,”

Our third video installment for Logitech UE tells the story of music going where few people have gone before: space.

Starting in the early 2000s, astronauts who were going to live on the International Space Station for long durations asked if they could bring music with them.

While interested in soothing the emotional stress of living in space, NASA was also concerned about safety, and its engineers spent a lot of time ensuring music – in its many forms – was safe to fly.

For example, wooden instruments like guitars are flammable, and an electronic keyboard can be a source of electromagnetic radiation, which could interfere with the spacecraft’s operations. Despite this, NASA has allowed these items to go up – in fact, overtime a number of musical instruments have found their way into space, including a flute, a saxophone, and an Australian aboriginal wind instrument known as a didgeridoo.

In fact, in 2007, every astronaut in the International Space Station brought their own music player with them on board. This love of music and the power it has in people’s lives was the inspiration behind our next film, “Space.”

Take a minute to watch our third film, and tell us in the comments – what song would you bring with you into the final frontier?

Astronauts enjoying music in the International Space Station.



Senior Vice President, Music

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