Feature Update for Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650

This is a quick update for people using our recently announced Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650 for Windows 8.

We designed all of our new Windows 8 products to accept software upgrades so you can quickly add new gestures or improve existing ones with ease.

Our first software update for the Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650 will be available this month, and will add support for double-tap to drag.

With this feature, you will be able to drag an object by double-tapping it. While keeping your finger held down after the second tap, you can start dragging it and if you want to release it, simply lift your finger. The same feature will work if you want to move application windows. Just double-tap on the title bar of the window you want to move and begin dragging.

If you have the Logitech SetPoint software installed, a notification will appear when the update is available for your Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650. If you don’t have the SetPoint software installed yet, please visit our website to download it.

Logitech is committed to providing its users with the best experience possible, and we’ll continue to share updates as they’re available.


Senior Product Manager, Logitech


  • How will it work for resizing a window (a traditional application window such as Firefox or Excel)? With a mouse you would left-click-and-hold the edge or corner of a window, then drag. Can that be easily done with the T650 once the update is available?

    • Hi Dale, here are the instructions on how to resize a window.
      1. Make sure the Windows is not maximized
      2. Place the cursor at the boarder till it becomes double-arrow
      3. Place your right-thumb at the lower left corner, then press it down (this is left click ) and hold it down
      4. Move with the index finger, left or right to resize it
      5. Let go the right thumb when done.
      Hope this helps!

  • Thanks for putting this out. I noticed this was missing right after I installed it but now after an update it seems to work like expected.

    A few suggestions for improvements (on both new and old). In addition to the standard gestures on both win7 and win8. Why not add some custom ones? I can think of a few which seems to miss:
    * 4 finger tab
    * 5 finger tab
    * Pinch inwards with all 5 fingers
    * Pinch outwards with all 5 fingers
    I personally could imagine to wire some of the gesture to:
    Open link in new tab (control click, 4 finger tab)
    Open a new blank tab (control t, 5 finger tab)
    Close tab (control w, pinch out with all 5 fingers)
    … Perhaps someone can come up with an idea for pinch in with 5 fingers 😉

    On the other hand I also have the old Wireless Touchpad. And that’s still missing the two finger tap to right click – something that many has requested since it got out a year ago or so(!)
    Also why distinguish between the old and the new in regards of gestures? I don’t think you’ll sell fewer of the newer – only that people will be more loyal to you products. Let alone the glass surface is so much needed on the old so if for nothing else then for the glass people will buy the new version.

    A suggestion for a new model: Please use ordinary AA or AAA batteries. Preferably NiMH but IMHO not a requirement. I’ve bad experiences with past Logitech devices with build in LiIon or LiPol batteries. They seems to “get lazy” after way too few recharges which gives me the feel I don’t really own the device (yeah I can hack a new battery in but scars the device as they’re usually not made to be disassembled in a pretty way) but only has it for loan. On the other hand Logitech devices for AA (supplied with or without NiMH rechargeables) I have great experiences with and IMHO recharging externally if not using alkaline is not that big of a deal.

  • Hi again

    Just came up with yet a gesture. 5 finger dragging. Drag all 5 fingers on the pad to move the front window directly. (That is without moving cursor to titlebar, double tab and hold then drag).

    I’ve been playing around with Ubuntu a little and they have that feature when using the Mighty Trackpad. Although using Magic Trackpad on Ubuntu is default a little short on gestures and so there it works by just using 3 fingers but here with Logitech’s Trackpad on Windows 3 finger moving gestures is already taken 😉

    Of course with all these non-standard-but-possible-gestures it would be very nice if the user got the opportunity to adjust them themselves. If I remember correctly past SetPoint (and it’s predecessor) allowed a greater customization.

    But hey. It may very well be the idea until now (except for 5 finger pinch inward) are so nice they may be considered as standard 😉 But anyway I still figure some would like the ability to have custom actions for the here mentioned extra gestures. Especially for different applications. The browser gestures isn’t exactly very useful in an office suite 😉

  • I really love my T650. It is a great addition to my other Logitech hardware. Thank you for such a beautiful and useful product!

  • Logitech has made a transformative device, the T650 Trackpad, for using Win 8 on a desktop. The feel of the trackpad surface on your fingers is outstanding and compels the user to want to maintain contact with it. The look is beautiful and the build is high quality. The addition of the double-tap and drag removes my only complaint about the product. Thank you for engineering such an a eye-pleasing product that delivers an elegant experience.

  • I bought a Logitech Wireless MousePad today. I tried it on my win7 laptop to simulate multitouch. I was very disappointed that the raw finger positions were not fired as own motion events, only the device-processed gestures! For Linux there seem to be a full multitouch driver for the touchpad. Please advice me how to get the raw finger information from the mousepad. Any development drivers available?

    I think many people have bought the mousepad to simulate multitouch for developing in iOS, Android, and so on…



  • Great/necessary update. Was going to return my purchase but will hold onto it, as it’s a pretty cool product. Thanks for responding promptly to the feedback from those of us who bought it and requested this functionality.

  • I love the new Touchpad T650, but haven’t been able to part with my Logitech Trackball yet. This new feature should allow me to pull the plug. Can’t wait!

  • Is it also mac compatible? I have to use both Windows & mac platforms, I’d LOVE to buy this and not have to deal with the apple magic trackpad? please advise. Thanks!

  • I second the idea of having the double tap and hold functionality. It is native on my Asus Zenbook ultrabook and I find it immensely helpful.

    Love the device. I have had a few issues with Logitech devices like scroll wheel loosening and poor wireless connectivity of late but this one feels very solid. Good job! Looking forward to the update.

  • When this drag and drop feature becomes available, I hope that a video is added to show how to do it. A video should also exist for resizing a window.
    Thank you.

  • Is it possible to add the following features?
    1. two-finger tap to right-click.
    2. three-finger swipe up/down to go to top/bottom of webpage, i.e. the home/end keys on keyboard.


  • I was hesitating about buying this because of the lack of a few features, however seeing that you are actively going to be enhancing the product through software updates has made me think that it’s going to be worth buying after all. Fingers crossed for custom / app specific gestures in a similar way to wacom/apple does it. Plus if you can get performance on par or ahead of apples trackpad you’ll have lots of happy customers! Thanks guys

  • I love the touch (sensitivty, feel) of the surface and the features. I noticed that in some application the single or double tap (as left click) is not recognized and that I have to actually click (press on the surface).
    Examples of application:
    in Windows 8 Modern UI Microsoft Solitare Collection “FreeCell” tapping to pick up and move a card does not work with tap, only with click.

    in Google Earth, tapping the + or – button on the zoom slider doesn’t work, I have to click.

    Clicking and tapping seem to be coded differently.

  • Just bought it.. I am having the same problem in Windows 7 desktop..

    I really need to press down the touchpad to make a ‘left click’ – I really need to simply ‘tap’ the touchpad to make a left click or double tap to click and drag.. anyway to adjust this ?

    Tapping does not work for me.. I even went back to the Future Shop thinking it was broken!

    Now, since I can’t get it to simply left click by tapping, i am thinking of return it.. I like the feel of it, please let me know if I need to configure it somehow to accept taps.

  • Hi,my touchpad settings (tap setting) stop working when I restart my computer using windows 8. As soon as I launch the Logitech settings app it turns right on. It gets quite annoying.

  • @Logitech 2012-12-18, did you notice that this blog post itself is a comment on future updates?

    Anyway, click-drag with a second tap+hold is working for me. I’d really like this feature to be extended so that *any* extra tap-hold behaves as if the previous click were held. For example, many applications will allow you to double-click to select a word and if you keep the mouse button pressed, selection will be by word instead of by character. Some even select by paragraphs after triple-click-hold. Can do these via the physical buttons on the T650, but via the surface would be great.

  • I purchased an apple touchpad for my Mac and fell in love with it so you have to know I’m really excited about my T650! I have one question that I can’t figure out. I want to highlight text in a doc but I can’t figure it out? Could someone please point me in the right direction?

    Thanks much and way to go on the T650!

  • Hi there. Any chance you’ll be able to configure “zones” for clicking? Let’s say you want to map a 6×6 grid of shortcuts to the surface. Would it at some point be able to be drawn out or use templates in the Logitech software to map shortcuts for Illustrator, Photoshop, Pro Tools, etc? This would be AMAZING additional functionality.

  • It’s nice you added the double tap dragging, but that’s really not good enough to play games. It’s too slow. You should offer the same gestures as Apple does. Then people don’t have to learn two sets of gestures. Apple has a three finger dragging option. You just put three fingers down, and you’re dragging. That is as fast as possible. Please pass that along. This is not good enough for gaming and I really need to use your trackpad as holding a mouse for long gaming sessions is painful. Thank you.

  • Gestures are disabled in Windows 8 login screen.
    How can I enable them, such as one-finger tap, and pointer speed.

    Only the hard buttons (pad feet) work for now.


  • For a pointing device to “fully work” at login time, its driver must be loaded at system boot time.

    The Logitech drivers that enhance the T650’s functionality are user-level software that gets loaded after the user’s login. At login time the T650 appears like a two button mouse by using the two bottom rubber leg buttons closest to the user, and its basic touchpad operation for mouse cursor movement.

    I requested 19 January 2013 that Logitech create “proper” system level drivers for their T650, but so far they have recommended that I downgrade to a prior version of their user-level driver software and that I review the numerous on-line FAQs, videos of gesture tutorials, etc, rather than the Logitech support technician actually reading what I had been citing as issues and Logitech management taking some positive actions to address those issues.

    Keyboard combos with the touchpad also do not generally work.

    The Start, Computer, Properties, Windows Experience display clearly states that no touchpad device is detected even after user-level Logitech drivers are loaded, so as a programmer using standard, recommended windows system calls, I would be unable to detect the device and not make provision to be able to take advantage of it. This may be why it is that settings within Firefox have to be updated by the Logitech driver installation, and Firefox be restarted after the given settings changes.

    Laptop hardware manufacturers who provided built-in touchpads had to follow “Microsoft guidelines” in order that their hardware be fully Microsoft Windows compliant / compatible. Evidently, Logitech chose NOT to follow these recommendations, and as a result, the T650 is a NON-STANDARD, non-Microsoft supported device requiring manufacturer kludges to achieve equivalent workaround functionality. I would have preferred that Logitech management not decided to go this route since it has serious functionality implications further down the line for other operating systems support (UBUNTU), etc.

    When I ran an InstallSheild engine-driven installation setup for installing the application software by Cyberlink for my LG BDXL (optical drive), 3 Logitech user-level T650 driver software components exhibited exceptions within a DLL file that Logitech was using, forcing each of these 3 pieces of software to immediately terminate. This would not have happened if Logitech management had chosen following Microsoft recommendations for hardware compatibility than not.

    I would think that IF the touchpad device has an upgradable Flash firmware and sufficient embedded processor functionality, all that would be required to “fix things nicely” would be a firmware update to change to a Microsoft guideline compliant touchpad functionality?

    So, is there sufficient embedded processor functionality and flash upgradable firmware within the touchpad to enable this fix?

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