Welcome to the Party, iPad mini

Today’s announcement of the Apple iPad® mini was met with high expectations and many questions. We all already love our iPads and iPhones, but where will the mini fit into the equation?

With its slightly smaller screen (7.9 inches on the diagonal), ultra-thin size and lightweight, it seems natural for the iPad mini to leave productivity primarily to its big brothers, the iPad 2 and third-generation iPad, and even the just-announced fourth-generation iPad, since it will be more mobile and likely to be used away from home and work. With its Bluetooth® connectivity, we anticipate the mini will be a great device specifically for listening to music, watching videos, playing games and reading books on the go, especially with the new iBooks app that was also announced today.

If you’re planning to pre-order your iPad mini later this week, be sure to check out Logitech’s products with Bluetooth, such as our Logitech Tablet Keyboard which will work seamlessly with the mini, with its protective case doubling as a stand for your iPad that’s adjustable to just the right angle. Our new keyboards with easy-switch Bluetooth technology will also be compatible with the new iPad, and with compact designs and sleek looks they’ll make a great fit as well.

Tell us in the comments below: are you looking forward to nabbing your own iPad mini? And if so, how will you be using it?


Director of brand development for tablet accessories at Logitech.


  • So is the Logitech keyboard cover not compatible with the 4th gen iPad? I have one and love it, mainly because of its dual function. However, I am considering purchasing the new iPad and was wondering if it would work.

    • Hi Melanie. We are also excited about the introduction of the 4th generation iPad, and will have more information to share on our products’ compatibility soon.

  • Is there going to be a Logitech ultrathin magnetic keyboard dedicated to the iPad Mini?


    • Hi there! Unfortunately we cannot comment on unannounced products, but please stay tuned for updates by reading here and checking our website. Thanks!

  • i am going to pre-order the ipad mini, and i am already looking around for accessories, zagg has a key board and case specifically for the mini, if logitech isn’t going to produce one specifically for the mini, i will just go ahead and buy the zagg one

  • Definitely looking forward to the IPad mini. Honestly, I always thought they were just a up-sized IPod touch, but I have now came to my senses and see the benefits of something as powerful and mobile is an IPad. I probably still wouldn’t buy one, but your amazing ultra-thin keyboard cover has swayed my decision!
    I have always been considering purchasing a netbook to take to notes at lectures, but the IPad with your keyboard case is a no brainer. The only issue I have is that I am after the more affordable and easy to carry IPad mini. Will the ultra thin keyboard cover integrate well with the IPad mini? If not, will you develop a convenient keyboard similar to that for it?

  • you need to do the cool magnetic ultra thin keyboard for the mini!
    it is GREAT and makes the larger one seem HEAVY. you guys have the chance to seal the deal for folks like me who need a keyboard. PLEASE

  • Do you at least have a projected timeline for an ultrathin keyboard case for the mini? If not, I may have to just buy another product from another company that has one available… but I’d prefer yours!

  • So basically, everybody is asking questions on here and you are not going to answer any of them?

    Whats the use asking Logitech anything if there response is going to be “Sorry we cannot comment on anything at all but feel free to ask us anything you want!” What a joke.

  • I will be purchasing the iPad Mini only when Logitech produces the awesome attachable cover/keyboard that is currently offered for the iPad stardard size. I can’t imagine one without this assessory, truly. My purse await the darling duo….. Come-on folks, don’t keep me waiting too long, Kk?

  • Oh, i plan to buy an ipad mini; but i am willing to wait logitech’s cases with keyboard, i have a crush on your solar keyboard; simply great. Hopefully you’ll release it for ipad mini -however, probably if you produce they keyboard as small as ipad mini will be a pain… trust your designers and engineers though! 😀

  • I really want to buy the ipad mini! but i want to buy it with a logitech keyboard! so I will buy the mini as soon as logitech releases a keyboard for the mini! I just love the current keyboard you guys have for the ipad. so i reallyyyyyy hope you guys make one for the mini!!! please don’t take too long!!

  • Please come out with a logitech ultrathin keyboard cover for the ipad mini; I’m a huge fan of your keyboards and this would make the ipad mini so much easier to use.


  • Clearly the public has spoken. I love my ultrathin for the iPad4 (works fine by the way) and will be anxiously waiting cash in hand for your iPad Mini version. Please let me know when I can preorder it.

    • We appreciate your enthusiasm, thank you for providing us with your feedback! We’re unable to comment on the future product roadmap but we can provide information about a number of existing products available that will work with the iPad mini. In particular, we introduced two new keyboards this year that feature Logitech Easy-Switch technology, the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 and Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810. Logitech Easy-Switch lets you pair your keyboard to three different devices simultaneously through Bluetooth and switch among them with the push of a button, whether that be your new iPad mini, desktop computer or iPhone.

  • Great work Logitech! Your Ultrathin for the iPad is a delight to use, works just fine with my 4th gen, and just might make small laptops obsolete.

  • The iPad Mini is a huge success, so guess the ultra thin keyboard for the Mini is on the way. I just hope you make it for christmas. My two daughters cant wait to get one each! Step on it, please 🙂

    • We appreciate your interest in our products. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on any future updates. Please continue to check back for any updates.

  • I am so happy to see that so many people here are requesting a “mini” version of iPad mini Logitech cover w keyboard!

    I am on ‘board’ with the people who want the complete package. I help off buy an iPad in anticipation of iPad mini….now I am holding off buying iPad mini in anticipation of Logitech cover w keyboard…for iPad mini. I WANT IT ALL…and at ONCE!

    please, please, please … build us a Logitech cover w keyboard for iPad mini…and we will come and buy it! Promise!

    • Please continue to check back for any updates as we cannot comment on any future updates right now. We appreciate you interest and excitement!

  • I recently purchased the iPad Mini, but LOVE the ultraslim BT keyboard cover for the iPad. Will Logitech be releasing the same product in mini form soon?

  • I also hope you bring out the Ultrathin for iPad Mini and would purchase one as soon as they are available. I use it on my iPad 4 and find it great.

  • I see Zagg have a case/keyboard combo for the iPad Mini – very similar (but not as sleek) to Logitech Ultrathin for iPad 4. Would prefer a Logitech product if a similar version to the Ultrathin for the iPad 4 is in the works. Whats the story Logitech?

  • i’m going back to school next year and am planning on buying an ipad or ipad mini to take notes in class. i want the ipad mini.. the only thing is i need you guys to make the keyboard for the mini!!!!! listen to the people!!!!!! school is starting soon!!!!!!!

    • Hi Abby, we are unable to comment on any future product updates. We will provide an update as soon as we know. In the meantime, we encourage you to check back for any such updates. Thank you for your interest and best of luck in school.

  • Hi,
    I own an iPad mini now and need a a keyboard case for it.
    I know that your keyboard cases for the iPad “regular” work with the mini, too. But that’s too big for me.
    There are quite a few iPad mini keyboard cases on the market now. However, I love logitech’s design and I would like to know if you are planning to make an ultrathin keyboard cover for iPad mini.
    Will it be also available with a German keyboard?
    Thanx for letting me know!

  • Just wondering if the logitech bluetoth keyboard will work with an original ipad? cant seem to get mine to work with it.


  • Any official comments on compatibility with the 4th gen iPad? I see some have indicated it works but the product page still does not list it.

  • I LOVE my iPad mini, and I love my Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover, which I used with an iPad 2. I really, really hope you make an iPad mini version of this cover, as it would make my iWorld complete! But please if you do, keep the keyboard layout like the big cousin; the big problem with all of the mini keyboards out there is that they have ridiculous key layouts that make type touching impossible. Small keys/keyboard: yes! But Doing dumb stuff like putting the up arrow between the question mark and shift key, or requiring a special function key to get to the ‘ make a portable keyboard pointless for me, since I touch type. Here’s to hoping you repeat the greatness of the Ultrathin Cover Keyboard in a mini version!

  • I just bought iPad4, unfortunately I found out that I can not use with my favorites logitech ultrathin keyboard (i used with my ipad2 before, product p/n 920-00403).
    I try to buy new one but I could not find it and not sure it’s compatible with my iPad4 or not.

    Any advise?

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  • Just want to addd to the thread. Demand for ultra thin ipad mini keyboard / case is there, Pls make the keyboard / case soon. Thx.

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