Put Your Compatibility Worries to Rest with Logitech UE

With today’s announcement of even more Apple products using the new Lightening connector, you may have concerns about the compatibility of your existing accessories and docks with these new iDevices.

But, as I noted in a WIRED article, our company has been shifting from  using physical connections to play music in favor of wireless connectivity – that’s really where we see the market going.  As a result, our wireless products, like the Logitech UE Boombox, Logitech UE Mobile Boombox, and Logitech UE 9000, can connect with any Bluetooth® enabled smart device – regardless of its shape.  There is no need for additional wires or adapters, since Bluetooth technology allows you to enjoy your music, without worrying about docking your device at all.

All that said, if you do have one of our older docks – rest easy.  We have been testing the Lightening adapter with docks we’ve sold previously and can confirm they are all compatible with the new Lightening to 30-pin Adapter. Also, our Logitech UE Air Speaker supports Airplay from Apple’s newest devices, but you will need an adapter if you want to use the retractable dock to charge a device with the new Lightening connector.

So feel confident purchasing that new iDevice you’ve had your eye on knowing you can use it with all of your favorite Logitech products – both old and new.


Senior Vice President, Music