New Logitech Harmony Touch Delivers Sleek Touch and Control to Your Fingertips

Good news Harmony fans! Today we’re proud to introduce the newest in our Harmony® remote lineup, the Logitech Harmony® Touch.

Touch-screens have changed the way we interact with technology, and today’s home entertainment calls for interaction that goes beyond the standard remote control. In response, we’ve rethought the remote, keeping what you love while elevating the touch experience and personalization.

The Logitech Harmony Touch combines luxury and convenience, giving you ultimate control over your entire home-entertainment system. It features a simple, streamlined design and a touch-screen that lets you smoothly swipe and tap your way to your favorite entertainment options, including one-touch activities such as “Watch TV” and “Listen to Music.” Channel icons and numbers for your favorite networks are automatically provided based on your location and TV service provider, and you can add, remove and organize your favorites right on the remote. You can also edit your activity settings, such as inputs and delays, as well as the order of your activities and commands on the remote screen.

We’ve also updated, so current Harmony remote owners can use their existing account, along with the device and activity settings from their current Harmony remote when they set up their new Harmony Touch.

Beyond its convenience and intuitive navigation, this remote looks as good as it feels with a streamlined button layout and sculpted shape. It’s rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about running low on power and the charging station keeps the remote always within arm’s reach.

The Logitech Harmony Touch is compatible with 225,000 devices and 5,000 different brands, and it can control up to 15 different devices.

Check out the video below to see our newest remote in action, and let us know what you think in the comments.



Product Manager, Harmony Remotes Business Unit


  • I am old user of logitech keyboard & mouse. logitech is a name of trust, relaiable, and durable.
    I am happy to use it.

  • How could Logitech not put hard buttons for skip forward/back? Those are the most used DVR buttons? Also why are the DVR control at the top? That is no ergonomic.

    Looks cool but the channel quick access feature is useless in the DVR world. Who watches live TV anymore?

  • Honestly, I think this may have missed the mark on the layout. The middle of the Harmony One (or 900 for that matter) contained the playback controls, while the top had the touchscreen. Now, I don’t know about everyone else, but literally everything I watch is DVR, so I use the playback controls far more often than I do the touch screen area of my One. And if you’ve ever tried to use the touchscreen on the one, its easy to understand that the top of the remote is annoying to reach to. Now, with this Touch, the most used buttons are in this annoying to reach spot, plus i can easily see hitting the touch screen by accident a lot, when reaching to hit rewind or play. I’m worried that this might be a bad step back in terms of layout and ergonomics. For what its worth, I will only use Logitech remotes; you guys are the masters of remote controls.

    • We really appreciate the feedback provided by our customers and want to thank you for your honesty as well as your strong loyalty to our brand!

  • After using a 895 for almost ten years without much problems (lately keypresses are not registered at once) I think this will be it’s successor. Great product, hopefully the charger is a better design (plug).
    At 20euro a year you can do without 5-6 remotes, value for money.

  • I was going to buy the new Harmony Touch until I read that the battery is not replaceable. Why isn’t it replaceable like the Harmony One and how long does this non-replacable battery last? You’d think for the price of $250.00 for the unit the battery would be replaceable. Does the consumer have to send the unit back to Logitech for battery replacement like Apple pulls for it’s products, charging a fee to do so or is one expected to just throw the unit away?

  • Hi, I have used the 900 for a few years and it is generally a good product. However, the delays in response after key presses are just too long eg volume, changing channels. I have tried all the tricks to rectify this but nothing works so I have put up with it. Does the new touch address this issue? Thanks

  • I hope this product doesn’t have the same problems as the 1000. My 1000 would periodically resend a command that was sent out (up to) 1/2 hour earlier. And then it would sometimes get ‘stuck’ and send the same command over and over .. forever.

    Tech support refused to deal with the issue. I reported the issue in the first few months of ownership and was told that since I reported it within the warranty period it would be taken care of. Nothing was ever done, and the warranty has expired. Thanks guys.

    I don’t know what that problem was caused by (whether it was systemic to the product, or just a few of them) but I’ve seen other people with the same complaint.

    So, I really, really hope that this has been addressed and resolved in the newer products.

    If I bought another one (pretty unlikely) and had the same issues with the remote AND with support, I would be more than just dissapointed.

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