UE Artists to Watch: Aaron Embry and GIVERS

This month marks the beginning of fall, but the season isn’t the only thing changing. September brings yet another incredible month to the Ultimate Ears Artists to Watch program, and this time we’re proud to be showcasing albums from two artists that you probably have not heard of – yet. But in the coming months, that will change. Prepare for music that we guarantee will command attention from music lovers around the world, and when you see Aaron Embry or GIVERS on the cover of your favorite music magazine, remember that you heard them here first!

Aaron Embry was the piano player for Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. He is a brilliant singer and songwriter, with the sensibility of Willie Nelson mixed with that of John Lennon. On Sept. 19, he’ll be releasing his first solo album, and we’re lucky enough to be giving you a preview of what’s to come, with more on the way. If we can take the release of his B-Side “No Go” as any indication of the entire album, Aaron will be a prolific artist sharing lots of extras with his fans.

Speaking of fans, GIVERS seems to have a lot of them already, including many that are influential in the music world. They did a one-off opening for Dirty Projectors, and the band was so impressed that they invited GIVERS to open for them for the remainder of their tour cycle. You may recognize the name Andrew Maury – the GIVERS’ sound guru – from his work with the underground remix collective RAC (Remix Artist Collective) or maybe from his work with Ra Ra Riot. Andrew is also the reason that GIVERS is part of our Artists to Watch program this month. He let us know GIVERS “had to be heard,” and boy was he right! If you enjoy fantastic vocals, amazing improvisations or a happy combination of Zydeco, rock, soul, pop and funk, look no further. What else can I say except take a listen here and let us know what you think!

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Aaron Embry-Raven’s Song

Aaron Embry-Moon Of The Daylit Sky

GIVERS-Noche Nada (A Lot From Me)



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