Solar keyboard helps light up “green IT” campaign

This guest post is written by Kevin Soohoo, director of information technology at Air Systems Inc. in San Jose, Calif., which provides design, installation and maintenance of climate control and energy systems for commercial and industrial clients. Earlier this year, Soohoo received the 2012 “Green IT Award” from, presented to “a leader whose initiative promoted ecological and sustainable IT.”

At Air Systems, we recently started offering energy-efficient equipment and solutions to customers, and we decided to practice what we preach by making our own operations as green as possible. After looking at all aspects of our information technology (IT) operation, from servers down to the desktop, we found many opportunities to reduce energy consumption right in the cubicle, where employees use computers, printers, telephones, and other devices daily. One immediate insight was that our wireless keyboards were consuming a lot of batteries.

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 was just the answer we needed and is now a key component of our internal green IT strategy. The K750’s sleek design, quality construction, and ability to work with standard overhead lights made it a “no- brainer” for Air Systems.

In IT, we focus on saving time as well as saving money. A key benefit of using the K750 is that it cuts down the time we spend swapping out keyboard batteries – roughly twice a year for each employee, who lost productivity without the use of their keyboard. Also, IT help-desk staff would have to take time to respond to the request for new batteries, dig them out of storage and install them.

The K750 helps reduce Air Systems’ environmental footprint because we order fewer batteries and because the keyboard’s packaging is made from recyclable materials. We pay by the pound for what we send to the landfill or recycling plant, so with less going through the door, we’ve reduced costs even further.

Every keyboard we issue from here on will be a Logitech solar-powered keyboard. It is my hope that by next year, 100 percent of our employees will be using these innovative and environmentally conscious products.

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