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This week, Logitech announced its Logitech UE lineup, with seven new products including earphones, headphones, wireless speakers and a smart radio. To celebrate this announcement, we hosted an event and concert with Frances Cone and Milo Greene at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City. The news caught the attention of a number of outlets, including CNET, Mashable, Sound + Vision, WIRED and ZDNet, along with Cool Hunting, HypeBeast and Acquire. In particular, we really enjoyed a quote in the WIRED article, from Sarah Pinault who said, “With Ultimate Ears’ passion for changing the way you listen to music, and Logitech’s drive to connect people through technology, this innovative duo has been producing top quality products for both home and professional use since 2008.”

The Logitech UE news also made headlines on a variety of international outlets, such as Diskidee in Belgium, Android World in the Netherlands, Gagadget in Ukraine and Computerbild in Germany.
We also saw the first wave of product reviews appear. For example, Justin Yu with CNET reviewed the new Logitech UE Boombox, which received four out of five stars. He highlighted the speaker’s design, “easy-to-use Bluetooth connection,” and “impressive sound output.” Overall, it was a big week for us. Stay tuned for additional Logitech UE highlights.

Also this week, Rosa Golijan at NBC News posted a video review of the Logitech Washable Keyboard K310. She called it, “… one of the most useful computer accessories around,” and claimed that it’s ready to survive, “… whatever dangers you expose it to,” including spilled beverages, mustard-covered fingers, ketchup stains and even chocolate syrup. Rosa really put the keyboard to the test, so be sure to check out the full video, here. Additionally, Andy Baryer of GetConnected, a syndicated Canadian TV show, featured the keyboard on their weekly “Tech Talk” segment, highlighting the keyboard’s ability to be submerged in up to 30cm of water and its affordable price point.

Additional news highlights from this week include:

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  • do you have plans for more UE products? I am interested in hooking up a UE device directly to my stereo using a digital output…

  • I have a Harmony 900. Lately I have been watching tv or a movie in my home theatre and after about an hour the projector turns off and the screen goes up and I have to hit the help button to turn projector back on and drop screen again. Once the problem begins it is ongoing. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  • The ideal G29 –> (wheel 30cm, more power of force feedback (x3) , best gearbox (plug handbrake), and ….compatible with xbox)

  • Logitech was more about “service to the music” as recently as a few years ago. The Squeezebox Boom was awesome. Then it was discontinued for some inexplicable reason. The server software doesn’t even work in some newer versions. Now there’s one radio. With one speaker. What’s this about “service to the music?”

    And these new speakers? I can buy speakers at the office supply store for $40-$50, even with a subwoofer. Logitech bluetooth speakers for $100 don’t seem like such a deal. For about a $50 savings, I can deal with the cable.

    I have really enjoyed what Logitech had to offer as far as music. I used to think Sonos was an overpriced ripoff. Compared to Logitech, Sonos now appears to have focus and value. As a competitor, Logitech did it as well and for less. Now, Logitech really appears to have lost its way with music and that’s too bad. Numerous commenters have made suggestions and wish for more from Logitech only to be met with replies that Logitech doesn’t comment on future products; good thing or customers might leave even faster. Good luck with your one radio and overpriced bluetooth speakers. Logitech keyboards might save the company; they’re still awesome. Until the person in charge of music takes over.

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