Is now the time for tablets at work?

Information technology (IT) managers are telling us one of the biggest decisions on their minds these days is determining the role of tablets – especially the iPad – in their organizations. To uncover answers, I recently teamed up with Carolina Milanesi, a top analyst at the research firm Gartner Inc., to record a 20-minute webcast on the topic, which you can watch by clicking here.

Among the webcast’s highlights:

  • There has been a clear shift from a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy to corporate tablet deployment. IT departments are finding opportunities to improve productivity and be seen as an enabler of workforce mobility.
  • Not everyone in the company is receiving a tablet. Top executives and sales teams have been first. Sales teams, in particular, are finding tablets more effective than printed materials in making presentations to customers, and ultimately turning leads into sales.
  • Virtual on-screen keypads have been a big barrier to productivity, due to the difficulty of typing on glass for lengthy periods and the limitation of virtual keyboards in selecting symbols and numbers. According to Milanesi, the addition of a keyboard is the highest contribution a company can make to increase the tablet productivity of a knowledge worker. No surprise, we at Logitech recommend our Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and Solar Keyboard Folio.
  • In a recent Logitech survey, 44 percent of corporate customers said tablets will replace laptops PCs for many users. Replacement, instead of adding tablets to existing PC deployment, is essential for showing return on investment.
  • Several industries are out front in tablet deployment. For example, hotels are using tablets to check in guests, doctors are using tablets to show patients X-rays and airlines are using tablets to replace paper manuals for pilots.

What other industries are putting tablets to work? What business applications are most popular on tablets? What are the pain points for tablet deployments? Please join us  for the full conversation on these questions and more.


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