Embrace Your Inner Geek

Now that most of us are constantly on social media sites, gaming, looking up something on our mobile phones or scouring the internet, we all have a hint of inner geekdom in us. Today, join us in embracing and celebrating our individual geekiness. Can you imagine what the world would be like if we didn’t have those first, seemingly “radical” gadgets as part of our techno-evolution? Here are some of our older, products, and what they’ve evolved to be today:

1991 – Logitech delivered the industry’s first radio-based cordless mouse, the Logitech MouseMan® Cordless. Three years later, Logitech introduced its next-generation cordless mouse, which became the foundation for our cordless peripherals today.

-Today – Being the world’s largest producer of computer mice, Logitech has mice for every need and function. The Logitech Cube, a tiny device which is both a mouse and presenter, is the perfect on-the-go gadget for business travelers. For a more swift, natural feel, the Logitech Touch Mouse M600 allows for easy scrolling and swiping, via its broad, responsive touch surface.

1994 – Logitech introduced WingMan®, its first gaming product, a joystick for the growing PC gaming market.

-Today – Logitech is widely known for its innovative gaming peripherals. For example, the new Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse – with its 20 MMO-tuned buttons, a 12-button thumb panel, and the ability to customize the buttons for massive configuration power and flexibility – is getting rave reviews from the gaming community and will change the way you master your favorite PC games.

1995 – Logitech launched VideoMan, a web camera on a flexible arm.

– Today – Logitech’s newest webcam is the Logitech® HD Pro Webcam C920, with full HD 1080p. Sure, it doesn’t have a flexible arm, but its smoother video, sharper pictures and clearer sound deliver a fluid and high def video-calling experience that’s second to none.

Because we all embrace our inner geek, Logitech products continue to grow, change and advance. What’s your go-to product as you explore the Internet or master those video games? How will you show your love for all that is geek today?


Brand Manager at Logitech