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Movie season is well underway with many box office hits already wowing the crowd. The Avengers has topped the worldwide box office grosses at number 3 (behind Avatar and Titanic), and while there’s a number of new movies teed up for the summer, before you buy another ticket for the newest flick, consider catching quality entertainment in comfort of your own home.

You might not be wowed by the latest blockbuster, but there’s a lot to be said for the convenience of home entertainment. Avoiding lines, parking lots and sky-high candy prices – who can resist? Here are a few suggestions for making your home theater as easy and convenient as possible.

With Logitech’s great line of Harmony remotes, movie night is easier than ever. One touch of the “Watch a Movie” button on the Harmony 650 Advanced Universal Remote turns on your TV, Blu-ray™ player and surround sound system, and switches to the correct inputs without juggling multiple remotes.

Step it up a notch with the Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote. The full-color touch screen, backlit buttons and charging station make it easy to get to your show even in the dark, offering a theatre-like experience.

Harmony remotes support more than 5,000 brands and 250,000 devices, so your remote will work with what you own today and the devices you add tomorrow.

Watching a movie from your tablet? The Solar Keyboard Folio for the third generation iPad and iPad 2 has a multi-view stand that offers an entertainment mode perfect for watching movies. The conveniently placed media keys let you play, pause, and change volume instantly. Easily switch to typing mode to enjoy the full keyboard if you need to type an email or quickly search for something online.

What’s your favorite movie to catch on the home screen? Let us know in comments!


Product Manager, Harmony Remotes Business Unit


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  • Where is the successor to the harmony one? Add bluetooth and the ability to use access all of the buttons one handed and I’m sold.

    • Thanks for your suggestions, we have passed them on to our product team. However, we cannot comment on future products at this point. Please keep an eye on our website for updates.

  • I love my hamony one – one in the living room and one in the bedroom. But there is always room for improvement.

    1. Improved battery life – I don’t want to dock it that often.
    2. I much prefer rubber buttons like on good calculators
    3. Improve the range/signal power – more angle as well.
    4. Make it sync with the computer using BT as well as USB.

    I thought we were supposed to see a replacement for the HO by now? I believe in January to expect a new model in the next few months – I’ll say few is at most 4 months – the deadline has passed.

    • Hi boe,

      We appreciate your suggestions for the Harmony One and we have passed it along to our development team. We always appreciate feedback from our customers and yours is no different. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on unannounced products at this time.

  • I have many friends who have and LOVE the Harmony One. I have used it myself, but the one major thing that is keeping me from upgrading from my Harmony 880 is that there are no 4-color dedicated buttons like on the 600, 700 and 900. With the plethora of devices using these buttons now, I do not see why this has not been added. I considered the 900, but the lack of Sequences and Macros is a no-go for me.

    I thought about going to the 700 but I have 8 devices to control. Looks like I am SOL until you decide to upgrade either the One or the 900.

    Looking forward to a successor to the One and hoping that it has the buttons I need.


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