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As you may have heard this week, Logitech announced its Wireless Solar Keyboard K760, a solar powered keyboard made for Mac, iPad or iPhone, and the Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors, the world’s first personally tuned custom in-ear monitors. News from the keyboard announcement appeared on a variety of tech outlets including CNET, ZDNet and Engadget. The announcement also made headlines in Bulgaria’s Premium Lifestyle magazine, where the keyboard was presented as an ultimate gadget in the magazine’s “must have” section, and on MacPlus, a French website dedicated to Apple products. Additionally, news from the monitors generated a good amount of chatter on the website Head-Fi. Tech blogs Ubergizmo and Pnosker were also excited about the news, and Ubergizmo detailed all the key points of the monitors, and also highlighted the new RewardTag system.

On the tablet accessory front, Jon Chase at Men’s Journal reviewed the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. He highlighted the cover’s light-weight, thinness and battery life, and also described the magnetic fastening system, how easy it is to pair, and its physical attributes. John Quain of FOX News included the Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio in his online roundup of 5 gadget gifts for dads and grads, a compilation of the best accessories and gadgets from the past six months. John introduced the device by stating there are “literally thousands of accessories for Apple’s iPad, but this one stands out for its practicality and ingenuity.” The Solar Keyboard Folio was also included in the Turkish edition of Esquire in an article titled, “Charges with Light.”

Lastly, Seth Weintraub of 9TO5Mac reviewed the Logitech Mini Boombox. In his review, Seth found the product’s sound quality to be amazing and noted, “There are no words to describe the amazing sound that these things can produce.”

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