Editor Chimes In with Summer Tech Trends

We recently got the chance to ask Ken Denmead, editor and publisher, and, a few questions on what the biggest tech trends will be this summer and what we might expect in the fall. is WIRED magazine’s parenting blog, and it features posts on a variety of topics, including tech that’s relevant to parents and their children. As his blog name suggests, Ken is both a father and a “geek.”

With summer upon us, it means we all may have a bit more time on our hands. Whether we’re on the road for a summer vacation, spending time in an airport, or kicking back with the family in the living room, technology will probably play a role in your summer activities.

Check out what Ken has to say about the latest in tech for dads, kids and families this summer:

Kids are starting to get out of school, which means they’ll have a lot more time on their hands. What tech trends do you think will become most popular over the summer months? What tech trends can we expect for the fall?

I think the swing back to BIG headphones will only get stronger, and kids are going to want to have them to be out and about with their friends. Portable speakers will pull a close second, because where kids gather, the music is sure to follow.

In the fall, the return to school will require computers. But I think a lot of parents are going to focus on the economy of tablets rather than laptops, and the need for keyboards and cases will be huge.

Summer travel is about to take off. What do you think is the best tech travel companion?

Tablets, tablets, tablets. They replace car DVD players, and keep the kids engaged completely for the long trips up to the lake. To go with them: headphones, portable internet access, car power adaptors.

Father’s Day is coming up. What tech device is on your wish list?

I’m really interested in the new widescreen (16×9 aspect ratio) TVs that are coming out.

If you were graduating this year and about to go off to college, would you still invest in a good laptop or desktop, or would you just rely on a tablet? Why?

Going to college, I think the laptop is still the stronger choice. It’s a true workhorse, with greater depth of capabilities, and more flexible for more situations. I think tablets are reasonable for High School, though.

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