Get some peace of mind with Logitech’s new night-vision security system

The dark corners and dim areas around our homes can seem scary, especially when it comes to the safety of your loved ones. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the new Logitech® Alert™ 750n Indoor Master System and the Logitech® Alert™ 700n Indoor Add-On Camera – a complete video security system with wide-angle night-vision that lets you see up to 50 feet indoors in complete darkness.

The Logitech Alert 750n Indoor Master System lets you rest at ease whether at home or away thanks to the wide-angle night-vision, powerful PC software and free remote viewing account. What’s more, the Logitech Alert 700n Indoor Add-On Camera is easy to add to your existing Logitech Alert Master system, expanding your monitoring into other rooms or places.

The wide angle lens helps you see up to twice as much viewing area when compared to standard cameras, even in complete darkness. And thanks to motion-triggered recording, if there is movement on your property, automatic alerts let you know about it instantly, sending notifications to your email address and mobile phone, keeping you informed even when you’re away.

Installation for both the master system and the add-on camera is easy, and there’s no need to run wires or bother with network configuration. Simply plug your camera into a wall power outlet, and HomePlug® networking uses your electrical wiring and outlets to connect your camera to the network and transmit video securely.

What do you think you’d catch with a night-vision camera in your home?


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