Simple Tips for a Better Earth

Happy Earth Day! Each year, more than 150 countries celebrate Earth Day by taking steps to protect our environment. All actions, big or small, make an impact – and even a few simple changes can help in the fight for a cleaner environment. This year, why not make everyday Earth Day? Here are a few small ideas that make big differences:

  • Energy consumption is another issue you can curb by turning off unnecessary lights, shutting down your computer over night, and looking for environmentally friendly technologies. Logitech’s K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard can power itself using indoor or outdoor light, making batteries and power cords a thing of the past. It can even last in total darkness for up to three months. The K750 is available for PC or Mac, adding sustainability to any workspace.
  • Instead of sending e-waste to the landfill, let TerraCycle turn old tech products into fun and innovative products. Sign up for a free account online, where you can print out free shipping labels to send them old items, or check out some of the many collection programs at locations near you. Now you can put old keyboards, mice, laptops, mp3 players, etc. to good use, even after you’re finished with them. We’ve even worked with TerraCycle at gdgt events in cities across the country, like Seattle and Los Angeles, trading your old computer accessories for a new mouse.
  • Air quality is continuously reported as a major concern to our health and to the environment in recent years. Promote cleaner air by walking, riding your bike, taking the bus or carpooling to work. Listen to your favorite tunes during the commute with Logitech Ultimate Ears. Stylish and sleek, these headsets and earbuds deliver impressive sound in a tiny package.

What steps do you take for a greener world, office or desk? Let us know in the comments below!