Friday the 13th Strikes Again: Take No Chances this Go Around

If you woke up this morning with an eerie feeling, it’s no surprise: today marks the second of three Friday the thirteenths in 2012 – things are bound to feel a bit off. And according to USA Today, for the first time in 28 years, those three Fridays are exactly thirteen weeks apart! So if you were thinking about glossing over this notoriously spooky day, think again – with just one down and two to go, this is no time to test fate.

Feeling anxious? Give your paranoia some validation by checking out Logitech Alert. This award-winning, PC-based video security system is designed for either indoors or out and can take the edge off your suspicion.

Take for instance a Logitech Alert customer who caught a man robbing her house:

Free viewing online allowed her to see the robbery happen in real-time while she was at work, and with a quick call to 911, the police were at her house within four minutes!

Logitech Alert provides peace of mind in a box so you don’t waste time worrying about what’s going on when you can’t be there. Simple setup allows for nearly instantaneous use, so don’t wait until the next Friday the thirteenth to get setup – it might be too late!

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Senior Global Product Marketing Manager, Video Security Business Unit


  • I was interested in getting a add on camera for my system . Just wanted to know why i can buy it NEW cheaper on amazon than i can from you ?? i was looking at 700I and 700e i can get the I for $189.99 $40.00 cheaper than you and the E was 3-$35.00 cheaper

    • Hi Rich,

      While Logitech products are sold through, unfortunately, we cannot control the price at which Logitech products get posted. This explains the inconsistency in prices you’re experiencing.

      Hope we’ve answered your question!

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