Riddle and Rhyme, Without Reason

Happy World Poetry Day to our readers! Today is a day to let your creative run amok, to let your words roam free, to let your mind wander.Designed to give voice and expression to endangered languages around the world, UNESCO declared March 21 World Poetry Day in 1999. Today, the tradition continues to promote the reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetry around the world.

In celebration, below I’ve created our own limerick for you to enjoy. I’d love to hear from you. Get creative and post your own poems about your favorite Logitech products – or anything else that’s on your mind! We’ll post my favorite one to the Logitech Facebook page!

Put our keyboards and mice to the test,
You’ll find they compete with the best,
With sleek design,
So innovative you’ll find,
You’ll want them on-the-go, at home, and at your desk.