The Business of the new iPad

Apple’s announcement this morning of the new, third-generation iPad and a lower price for the iPad 2 will add even more fuel to the fire of tablet adoption in business. From talking with CIOs at companies around the world, I’ve learned that executives are pushing their IT teams to rapidly deploy tablets. Two major trends are emerging:

Replacing paper.  iPads and other tablets are beginning to significantly displace paper and other media  in fields and occupations where consuming information greatly outweighs the need to create text. Universities, for example, are looking to tablets as a replacement for back-breaking loads of textbooks. Airline pilots are abandoning those big briefcases full of flight manuals. I’d expect doctors to interact more intimately with patients by using tablets to show X-rays and other test results; lawyers to consult tablets in court and real estate agents to present video open houses to their clients. The Retina display in the new iPad will further increase the range of possibilities for media consumption.  Add a Logitech keyboard for rapidly taking notes and sending email and you have the perfect device to replace bulky books and manuals.

“Office in a box.” For road warriors, companies see tablets as presentation, collaboration and order-taking tools. Workers who spend a lot of time on the go may soon leave their laptops behind and even give up their desk phones, using their tablets for voice and video communication.  All that’s required to make this happen is an external keyboard for productivity and a Bluetooth speakerphone for higher audio quality. Services such as LifeSize ClearSea, from the LifeSize division of Logitech, support this trend by integrating iPads into videoconferences that can include large meeting rooms and PC desktops.

The lower price for the iPad 2 is also significant. The iPad 2 is still a great product, with more than enough horsepower and features to meet the needs of many business users – now at a price that IT managers can love.

Logitech is committed to helping our customers – both businesses and consumers – maximize the return on their investment in tablets. We applaud Apple for taking tablets to the next level. To learn more about Logitech tablet products for business users, please visit


Senior Vice President and General Manager, Logitech for Business @EricKintz


  • That’s great, but when is Logitech coming out with a keyboard that is compatible with the new iPad?

    • @Derrick, Logitech’s current portfolio of iPad accessories is going through extensive testing to make sure everything is compatible with the new iPad. In the meantime however, Logitech’s existing line of products provide the perfect solution for iPad 2 owners who aren’t currently looking to upgrade, but want to get the most from their device. For a full breakdown of products available for iPad, please see

  • Currently, the Logitech 900 Harmony Remote, which I bought at Best Buy in
    Murfreesboro, TN, 615-893-2493, store manager Tiffany has gone out for the 2nd time
    in less than 1 year and now I am having to wait until April 3, 2012 to have this replaced.
    Needless to say, I like the Logitech when it works, but having to install the 3rd unit in less than a year is crazy.

    Ian, who said he is project manager, can you intervene and give me an explanation of why such an expensive remote is so unreliable??? And why do I have to wait 2 weeks to have your distributor, Best Buy, to replace this in my home. Now I wonder was I not better off with my 5 different remotes, which always did work.

    I would appreciate a reply to my email address. Thanks.

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