Busted! by Logitech Alert – Caught in the Act

Everybody can admit to a time when they wish they’d been a fly on the wall. Have you ever wondered what your rebellious teenagers were up to while you were out of town, or maybe you wanted to nab the pranksters who toilet papered the house at 3 a.m.?

Logitech Alert provides you with an extra set of eyes to help you keep watch at all times so you know what really goes on in your private space.

Take for example this trusting family. While they purchased Logitech Alert to monitor home care nurses for their grandmother, the camera caught a family member searching for jewelry during a family gathering.

Another “Busted! by Logitech Alert” video recorded activity in front of a family’s home while the parents were out of town. Footage revealed that their son, who had received permission to play cards with a few buddies, rescheduled the game and threw party instead. Kids these days!

Like many of our Logitech Alert users, you might get a good laugh or even be shocked to find what goes on behind closed doors. The Indoor and OutdoorMaster Alert Systems bring peace of mind with no hassle; with a quick and simple setup, you’ll wish you hadn’t waited. Both systems automatically record video when motion is detected and send alerts to your e-mail or mobile phone to stay connected.”What mystery do you wish you’d caught on tape? Tell us in comments!


Senior Global Product Marketing Manager, Video Security Business Unit


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