Logitech Announces New Webcam Technology for Business

Some 65 percent of companies that have deployed Unified Communications (UC) have only been able to service half or less of their employees, according to recent research. To help accelerate adoption of desktop videoconferencing and UC in the enterprise, Logitech is introducing the next generation of webcam technology with full 1080p HD video, onboard H.264 compression and USB Video Class (UVC) driver-less install.

Many UC solutions have been slow to gain widespread adoption because users felt the quality was too low, legacy hardware wasn’t able to support new technologies and IT managers struggled with deployment time. To address this, Logitech is webcams that offer a more life-like experience, easier installation and lower PC processor burden for enhanced desktop videoconferencing and UC.

In collaboration with Skype™, Logitech is the first to offer true 1080p videoconferencing at a maximum 30 frames per second for fluid motion and vivid colors. These enhancements help overcome the barrier to acceptance for UC solutions when video quality is too low to keep employees engaged.

Rather than slowing down the PC’s processor, advanced H.264 hardware encoding manages video compression inside the webcam when paired with a compatible videoconferencing client. Because of the reduced CPU load, H.264 webcams better enable desktop videoconferencing on older and low-end PCs – a major cost-savings for businesses that want to move up to UC without having to replace legacy hardware. Also, since video is captured natively in the H.264 format, there is no extra compression step when sharing video clips – reducing upload time.

Logitech, along with the USB Implementers Forum, has been actively involved in developing a UVC standard that allows for driver-less plug-and-play installation – slashing deployment time in large enterprises that may need to simultaneously install hundreds or even thousands of webcams. Logitech HD webcams are also compatible with all major UC applications.

The combination of 1080p, H.264 compression and UVC driver-less install will help accelerate adoption of desktop videoconferencing and UC in enterprises of all sizes. It’s never been easier for video communications and collaboration to become part of everyone’s work life, whether connecting with colleagues down the hall or partners on the other side of the world.

More information on Logitech webcams and other Logitech products for business is available at www.logitech.com/business.


Senior Vice President and General Manager, Logitech for Business @EricKintz


  • Eric,

    Please note my sincere disappointment when looking at your product pages for the Logitech CUBE mouse, and not seeing a video to accompany great images. Without a quick video consumers have NO idea how the mouse is actually used or represented as a pointer or flying mouse or whatever.

    Please consider adding a simple video to showcase the Logitech CUBE in action where businesses will have some indication if it will be useful for them during presentations or not.

    Thad Guidry

  • Hi thanks for the reply I clicked your link and its not the one I have been looking at if you type just c920 into the logitech website there are 2 that show one for £89 and the other is £99 and the one I was after is the £99 one it doesn’t say anything about uvc on the £89 one so I’m a little confused about this thanks for your help in advance

  • We’ve looked at six different web cams and all of them suffer from the same issue, Windows 7 UAC. When we saw the information on UVC listed for the B525 we purchased one. We got the device today, connected it while logged into a Windows 7 machine as a non administrator and bam, UAC prompt. We’re hoping there is a product out that that has 720p + microphone and doesn’t require anything other than a driver that also doesn’t require a UAC prompt. Does such a beast exist?

    • @Ron, Unfortunately, there are a number of limitations using or downloading for non-admin users. UAC prompts are a Microsoft requirement that is unrelated to Logitech and our products.

  • Hi

    Can you tell if this webcam (Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920) works on Mac os X Lion?
    I only want it to make HD videocalls thru Skype.


    J. Bruné

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