Logitech Cube Demo

A lot of you had questions about our newest mouse, the Logitech Cube.  Check out this video I put together to hear more about the mouse and how it works.  Let me know if you have any more questions in the comments.


Brand Manager at Logitech


  • Ok, this Cube thing looks quite nice but why oh why doesn’t it work also in free air (like the good old MX Air)? I never really understood why Logitech discontinued MX Air, it’s such a great concept…

    Here’s some key features for your future Cube 2:
    – Works as a standard “surface mouse”
    – Works as a “freespace” mouse (like MX Air)
    – Multi touch gestures (clicks, scroll, volume, etc)
    – And if you really want to make a supreme all-in-one input device: A “projector keyboard” when you turn the cube to stand on its base.

    Now that would be an awesome tool for home theater systems as well as powerpoint presentations!

  • Very nice idea and the flipping over of the cube to reverse is cool, too. Could you show us how it controls the computer? How smooth the scrolling is and how the Presentation mode works? Just a video where we can also see the computer screen would be helpful to understand the responsiveness of the cube. Thank you.

  • Hi,

    I’ve been using the Cube for a week now and really like it. Some things I would like to share thoght. First off, the battery is disapointing. On Monday it said 19 days worth of charge left and on Wednesday i was down to 10 days. It’s not a shame that the battery only lasts a week but why do you have to report 19 days left ?

    Left clicking works really well but hitting the right mouse button really is a pain. It’s very difficult to tell where the right button starts. A small line on the surface to show where right click starts would really help. Make it stand out just a little so you can feel when your far enough back to hit the right click.

    Give the mouse more sensors and buttons. You keep the mouse between two fingers all the tims but there is no “squeeze” functionality like with apples mighty mouse.

    I accidentially scroll sometime when I was only resting my finger in the mouse button and moved a tiny bit. That’s annoying !

    Why can’t I scroll sideways with the touch area ? That would be very cool !

    And you have to implement more free-air movement gestures. The Powerpoint back and forward functions are nice but that can’t be it, seriously ?!? I want to record my own gestures and assign it to shurtcuts or apllication functionality… There’s so much potential in this little mouse. I am looking forward to more true innovative products like this.

    Oh and one more thing. How hard can it be to add a little slot to the sexy Cube bag for the USB receiver ?

  • Fantastic. The executives here will love this for meetings. One question: does it have the ability to add a “button” or reprogram an existing one? We’re trying to use the virtual laser point function in Powerpoint 2010, where you have to hold down CTRL on the keyboard as well as left-click to get the pointer to appear.

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