Logitech Team Holiday Show and Tell

Aside from congested mall parking lots and unwieldy seasonal calendars, we’re getting into the holiday spirit at Logitech. We wait all year to sip hot chocolate, dress up for Christmas sweater parties, and spend time with our families and friends.

In the flurry of holiday activities, one thing is certain:  shopping gets more frenetic as time goes by. Since sometimes all it takes is the right inspiration to find a gift that’s exactly right, we thought we’d open our doors and give you some great gadget shopping insight from those who know it best: our employees. And for fun, we’d like to tell you in our own words what we love most about the holiday season.

First up is Norys Trevino. Norys recently joined Logitech as the senior manager of social media and handles everything under the social sun. We asked Norys a few questions, and here’s what she has to say.

If you could pick one gadget for Santa to put in your stocking this year, what would it be?
Logitech UE 700 & a Mac Book Pro for work.

What Logitech product will you be giving this year?
Logitech Gaming Keyboard G105 & G9X Mouse for my nephew, as he is a huge Call Of Duty® fan, just hope we see him after that! 🙂

You probably already have a lot of Logitech gear, but is there anything that’s still on your wish list?
TV Cam for my mom & best friend that lives in North Carolina, so that my kids and I can all see them on TV via Skype.

What was the best gift you’ve ever been given?
iPad 2 when my boys adoption was final. My husband got it for me since I did a “paper push” to get our boys adoption finalized. I know it wasn’t labor but it was hard work! 😉

Do you and/or your family have any special holiday traditions?
Yes, my sister hosts a wonderful dinner on the 24th of December, and the following morning I make breakfast for everyone as we open our gifts together.

Are you a Black Friday/Cyber Monday kind of shopper or do you wait to the last minute?
LOVE Black Friday…one time my sister and I went 16 hours straight, although this year we only made it 5 hours!

Have you found any great deals this season that are worth sharing?
Well, I got my kids their own Android tablet for under $200 on Amazon. Yes, I know they are only 2 & 3 but sharing at that age is not so easy.

What was your favorite gift as a child?
OK, so I am showing my age here, but I got a blue record player from my godparents when I was little, and I played Freak Out over and over to the point I still have the words memorized today!

What about you? Tell us your must-have item on your holiday wish list!

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  • Hey Norys, don’t forget about your sister…I have the Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad2 on my list. I know I only have the first Gen iPad but I’ll upgrade if I get this awesome keyboard! 😉

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