You’ve Got an Extra Hour: Let us Help You Adjust

Yesterday the time changed. Autumn is in full swing. And while you may have gained an extra hour of sleep, the days – daylight hours, that is – are actually shorter. Experts say this single-hour shift in time can cause a serious drop in mood and energy, which are no small items in today’s busy world.

This means that in order to stay healthy, we have to make the most of the sun when we have it. Experts recommend maintaining a regular sleep schedule, getting plenty of exercise, and as much direct sunlight as your schedule permits. At night, take a hot, relaxing bath before turning down the covers, and then hop out of bed in the morning for a brisk walk amid the changing leaves. It’s amazing what a little light can do for our spirits.

A little light can also power an essential piece of your daily communications. The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 and Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 for Mac® run entirely on rays – at work, home, or a hotel room – whether sun, moon or artificial. Even better, a single charge can last all three months of winter.

If you’re curious about your keyboard’s energy stores, the Logitech Solar App helps you track power and provides suggestions for how to conserve. If only our bodies were so efficient and predictable!

Enjoy the extra time and share your own tips for adjusting to the time change in comments.


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  • it was for health reasons actually it was more for the benefit of farmers so they would gain more hours of light to work in the fields, this was before the invention of proper lighting, the idea was proposed I believe by B. Franklin, a few decades later it was abandoned, we wouldnt see day light savings time again until WWI when most of the military weapons would be built outside and since resources was tight by adjusting the time of the day they would gain more workable hours, since then its honestly become irrelevant, in fact there are a few states that dont even do it anymore.

    (all this was coming from memory, its been a while since I last looked into this, you can verify on wiki or whatever ^_^ )

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